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    I have a couple of favourite blogs, for when I'm sick of trauling through RSS feeds:
    Just Like Cooking which is fairly light hearted
    and In The Pipeline for a meatier dissemination of the latest news (and is seemingly down for the moment). Tends to be quite drug-focussed as the guy who writes it works for a pharmaceutical company.
    Others I'll have a look at every now and then:
    ChemBark often links to interesting articles not strictly chemistry related, but the guy who writes it seems like a bit of a prat at times/likes to toot his own horn a bit too much.
    Open Flask (quite a new one out of the Baran Group, which is exciting - although so far it seems more like a big advertisement for Apple products)
    and BlogSyn (which is infrequently updated, but very interesting when it is.. they recently unearthed a very important discovery for just about any organic chemist)
    And these are all written by chemists for a chemistry-based audience, so won't cover everything but any significant events in the general science world tend to pop up on them regardless.

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