Sciatica and 4:1 CBD:THC Tincture?

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  1. I have severe sciatica. Using thev4:1 helps a great deal. Lets the muscles relax. That's very welcome.
    Afterward i get what i can only "guess" as muscle fatigue. My range of motion is tripled but my strengh is 1/4. Just raising my heal off the floor sitting causes my entire leg to violently shake. The pain is deep down near the bone. It does go away after 8 hours and i can walk without a cane for about 6 hours after that
    I would like to use 0.5ml when i wake up and 1ml when i go to bed however due to supply issues That's currently impossible, but getting better.

    Any one else, suggestions pro and con
  2. CBD is nice, and it can help a bit. But for heavy pain relief, THC is the way. Body-centric and highly potent strains work best for neuropathic nerve pain. CBD is like a little jewelers' 'hammer', while THC is a full on sledge hammer. From the pain you describe, you need a sledge hammer.

    There is a short term, nearly immediate pain relief, but during that you will of course be impaired. There is a longer term cumulative effect as well. A friend takes a massive dose of THC first thing in the morning, and is baked out of his gourd for a couple hours, but then the rest of the day he is in good shape. I work during the day, holding off on smoking pot until after work, and that has been good enough for me. But if my daily consumption gets low, after a couple days, the aches start to ramp up.

    Have had a couple spine surgeries, and reached a point where one of the best ortho surgeons in So Cal told me flat out "best we can do at this point is give you pain pills". Few months later started the weed journey. Now I take maybe 2 or 3 Percocet a year.
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  3. Thank you. Unfortunately i react badly to direct THC. Very very badly takes days to wear off and a hangover that's worse than a moonshine hangover
  4. Have you consulted a doctor? That seems like you have something more going on.
  5. Very very many.
    If there is a thc that has slight indica effects for muscles but doesn't, extend time, reduce your iq to 3, you can remember afterward, you can unlock couch lock. Let me know.
    Only thing that did that was a 20:1 vape of ACDC that i got one of. Never seen it sense. The flower doesn't work at all.
    I really hate smoking it anyway.
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    I deal with a lot of pain from 4 blown out discs and a couple of fractured vertebrae
    Waiting on an MRI to determine if I have stenosis or akylosing spondylitis (runs in the fami!y)
    Host of other sports related injuries
    After a health issue I can no longer take pain medication and rely solely on cannabis
    Unfortunately thc in high doses offers the only pain blocking from my experience
    I'm working on some cbd/cbg topical and edibles for relief while I work, don't like being intoxicated during the day but its a necessity right now

    These are some cultivars from the medical dispensaries
    I extract the flower and turn it into edibles but I'm also going to try a topical that I can use on my hands for inflammation which seems to be the cbd dominant flowers wheelhouse
    CBG & CBD are suppose to work in concert for decent anti inflammation which would ease the level of pain

    I have an infused syrup and oil thread in the edibles section if you are interested
    IMG_20220812_203324.jpg IMG_20220812_203340.jpg IMG_20220913_145214.jpg

    A repost in the medical section would help if you have not already done so

    Good luck in your pain management and there are many folks here like @Storm Crow who can guide you
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  7. Thank you. I really can't handle the "high" from THC. Besides the aforementioned things, my sight goes away(replacement lens from cataracts, due to 35 cortisone shots), i can't trust my perception (my eyes say I'm walking straight, ny body says am wobbling all over), out of body(it's me talking but it seems disconnected), mind races( like a 300mph dragster).
    After 2 years of using MM it still has not reduced.
    I have a extremely strong indica tincture that is only used when the pain is 911 level (biting on belt, can't speak, hyperventilating). It works great keeps me out of the ER, but i am completely worthless for 24 hrs(not to mention starving). How much? 6 DROPS (15ml bottle 258mg indica thc).

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