Sci(x) Double U-Perc (w/ Ashcatcher)

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    Hey I just got this new piece in the mail and it's pretty nice. I was only able to snap 1 pic before I couldn't take it anymore and had to use it. I'll post more pics when I get back from getting some "stuff".

    Basically Sci(x) is a like a type of pipe that Ph(x) makes. It's 5mm pyrex glass, 20" tall beaker. It has ice notches and 2 U-Percs. Each perc has about 16 small holes and a special bottom that makes them all activate at once when you use it. I also have a Ph(x) 16 hole diffuser which is really great. The Sci(x) ashcatcher has the same logo as the pipe. The joints are 18.8 and the keckclips are 19/22. I also use plastic ice so I can have ice but not any leaks. I'll take good pics of these features and add them later. The bowl is like a party bowl that they make at PURE.

    It also came with a free sharpstone grinder, but it's like really small. (smaller than a golf ball)

    Sorry about some of the fuzzy pictures, I can't stop my hands from shaking when I take them

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  2. Hey nice piece... How much did you pay and where? Have you got to use it yet:smoke:
  3. Made by PH(x) eh? I call bullshit.
  4. hows the drag on that sucker?
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    who said it was:confused:

    I would like more info on this if anyone knows more... Im considering this piece but need more feedback:smoke:

    Isimon, sorry to hear about your latest runin with the 5.0... Sucks man hope you got a lawyer
    to try and get the charges reduced atleast. Its worth the money if you can afford it. anyhow good luck
  6. Ok i finally got some pics up. I couldn't stop using this thing and I wanted to clean before I got more pics.

    There they are

    There's not any drag at all, and ph(x) makes them and sells in their retailers catalog
  7. You should get better pics of those U-Percs... I've never seen OR heard of them before
  8. word nice bong dude
  9. there I put some more perc pics

    using this thing right now, it's great
  10. Sounds like your enjoying it so far:bongin:

    How does the u perc perform compare to a tree or dome style???

    Is the base fairly thick and seem like it wont break easy?

    Where and how much I think Im ready to order:D
  11. Phx does not make this but Phx is pretty low on the glass quality tottem pole also.
  12. Im just having trouble deciding what to buy... This will be my first glass on glass piece so I dont want to buy the cheapest crap available but I also dont want to invest more than about $200-250 on my first gong...

    I am pretty sure I want a beaker style due to obvios reasons of it being more stable.

    I also want an icecatcher and some sort of perc but cant decide on the tree,dome or
    U- perc stlye... I dont want anything larger than 2ft because Ive had bongs ass long as 6 ft and they are just a PITA!

    Thanks for the input:smoke:
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    The beaker bottom is extended to give the piece a low center of gravity. This makes it harder to tip over, and allows more water to be added in to help weigh it down towards the bottom.

    There is very minimal drag while using this piece, however due to the design, time traveling through the peice is maximized for better peculation. The difference between this and drag is that, you can feel drag when you take hits as a sort of pulling back pressure, however this peice there is no pull back, just takes slightly longer to get from bottom of beaker to top of neck. The airway isn't blocked at all.

    It's 20" tall, and the U-perc design is phenomenal. The stationary perc has both inner and outter chambers of the perc containing water. When the user starts to inhale, the outter chamber water level decreases, and the inner one increases. (This increases the amount of water passed over the smoke, and also allows for less water to be added in) Then all 16 percs holes act like a jet in a hot tub, and start immediatly shooting up bubbles very rapidly.
    I'll get a video of this today when I get back from getting some weed.

    Ph(x) does make this, and it's made out of 5mm pyrex which is pretty high on the glass quality tottem pole.

    This is the best quality glass for pipes, the only thing better would be more thickness, but 5mm works fine.

    Anyone who says borosilicate glass is stronger is an idiot. Pyrex is thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, which means it can handle thermal shocks. (Any instance of extreme thermal stress on the glass) Basically, like everyone warns about putting pieces in bioling water to clean, then cooling off with cold water could cause cracks. Not in pyrex glass, which takes more stress to break.
  14. Well it sounds awesome! how much and where can we get one:smoke:
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    A kid on my floor broke my cherished ph(x) last night, so I've been looking for a new tube. Searching around on the web I found this one that I liked a lot and I was glad to find a forum thread on it somewhere to hear some feedback. I loved everything about the bong...milked great, awesome design, very sturdy, fit perfectly in your hands and around your lips, so I was naturally drawn to another ph(x) - are you sure this is made by them?
    Any video you could upload? And how much did you get it for with the ashcatch, to see if the price that has been offered me is a good deal?

    Also, is it 5mm all the way down including the beaker, or is the beaker noticeably thinner? I'm lookin to grab my replacement real soon so I'd love to hear what youve got to say.
  16. well, i got impatient...i just ordered one today with an the ashcatcher and he threw in an extra bowl. $300 for the whole setup shipped, hoping i didnt pay too much (but i talked the guy way down from his original price)...but by the way it looks, everything that's included and all the features (and assuming its actually made by ph(x) and that i'm not getting some knockoff junk) im pretty stoked on that price. ill post up pics once i get it, as well as my recently-broken phx
  17. Im sorry to tell you but its not made by PHX at all, its a knockoff company, and the pics make it look like shitty glass anyway, you can tell the bong is not the same thickness all the way through and the joint weld looks like shit.
  18. goddamnit...i know impatience is bad but i wanted to get this before spring break and in time to celebrate with on my buddy's bday. I was a little thrown by the guy's willingness to drop the price...fuckin a. Any reliable source I could cite to the vendor I bought this from to prove it's not by ph(x)? And how do you know it's a ripoff -- source?

    Well, at least cjX likes his, so im figuring ill just test it out and hope for the same - i'm hoping the joints turn out to fit okay, and the vendor said it's 5mm on the tube thinned out to 4mm for the beaker, which I feel isn't too bad...definitely something to be said for being able to hold glass and test it out before you buy it.

    I'll let y'all know what I think once I get it - should have it by tuesday. Some hi-res pics to be included
  19. Hey guys, im new here but im glad i finally found this piece. Got one in the fall of 08 and couldnt find ANY information on it. It is an AMAZING piece though. I got it cause the house 4ft Assassin (double-bubble bottom, triple perc, triple tree perc ashcatcher) got destroyed and we needed a new piece. We actually get about the same size hits off the uperc as the 4ft and the smoothness is ridiculous. Instead of getting the burn right after the hit, it sneaks up on you slowly like 30 seconds later. CjX, watch out for the holes on the outer double-shotglass, it can get pretty clogged, but if you use hot/boiling water, fill the top up and blow through as hard as you can, most of the crud will just shoot out. I highly recommend this piece for people who want big, milky cool hits in a small package. btw its so cool and smooth that we never need the ice pinch, although if you do i recommend crushed ice, you can really pack the piece with it (see last pic)

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  20. I got one of these about a month ago and for an experienced bong smoker this is the way to go for smoothness. It definitely takes maintenance but its worth it!

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