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  1. I have been to about the last six schwagstocks an every time i have went whether or i stayed the entire time or not i had a blast...Contrary to the popular belief that it is sketchy or sketch ppl go there that is completely false..98% of the people that go to schwag are exrtremely chill so that only leaves about 2% that are chumps an get alittle to crazy..Schwag does have all the pleasures that you could think of as far as drugs go..It does seem like alot of the people go there for the mushies or acid but me i'm all about the nugget...Schwag is "usually" always stacked with dankest nugget an thats the whole reason i go everytime i enjoy the experience of walkin around and seeing some major variety in the nugget that shows up..For anyone considering goin if you live within three hours of there you would be crazy to miss it...Lucky for me i'm only about 2 hours away so its not that bad of a drive...The bands down there are amazing expecially when you stoned out of your gord an your just chillin with about five thousand other ppl doin the exact same is nice...I hope they keep these events goin cuz they truely are out of this world...hope this post helps the people who haven't been
  2. I've been to a few of them. Great time, a few sketchy people, real free environment. Tons of cops lined up on the way out. I can't wait to go again.
  3. Hopefully Schwag isnt the only type of weed they have there haha.

    I wish i could go though :(

  4. i dont think ive ever seen schwag there :smoking:
  5. I'm going to Spookstock in October. I think it's the same general idea, just more Halloween-themed.
  6. im headin out tomorrow afternoon with a bunch of friends. my first time goin. i cant wait.
  7. ill hit it up next year or maybe spookstock. i saw EOTO was playing more than one fest there so ill find out whats next
  8. My buddy went to the last one, he said it was the shit. Smoked some awesome dank, did molly, and tripped balls on some shrooms. He said you could you could get whatever you wanted and it was really chill
  9. bump.

    ok so i went to schwagstock early. we decided to go thursday night so we were there from thursday till sunday. it was probably the best experience of my life. bought a couple hits of acid, half oz of shrooms, 20 e pills( blue transformers, fighting cocks, and all kinds) gram of coke, gram of molly, half gram of dmt, oz of different bud (strawberry haze, blueberry kush, blue cheese, maui wowie) some bubble hash, opium and a bunch of ganja treats
  10. I also went down over the weekend..we left on last thursday an stayed until saturday night...Thursday night DJ Thumpasarus was off the chain people were goin crazy..Other than that i picked up 27 grams(one gram under a felony lol) of dank as nuggets..My friends were goin hard on some LSD an it was pretty wild i will say that...Totally looking forward to Spook next month i will be there for sure..I put a pic up of some of the nuggets i got at schwag in my gallery feel free to check it out it was some of the dankest bud i've seen in awhile..
  11. Wanted to let you guys know that i'll be at spookstock on the 23rd and 24th. If anyone decides to go, we should all meet up. Me and my friends are having an acoustic setup there, we'll just be rocking out playing guitar.
  12. Seen any black people let me no. One of my dudes went there last year and they didnt want to pay to get in so they just parked in the middle of the woods and walked through that bitch till they found it.
  13. I went to schwag twice, it's the shit.

    Haven't had time to go these past few years.

    It's the place I first tried acid, shrooms, and cola.
  14. just a few more days till spookstock! If anyone wants to meet up, message me or something and we'll figure something out.
  15. I wish I could go...
  16. If I wasn't workin at the haunt I would go:(
  17. I shall be there!
  18. ok so im probably heading out tomorrow night, so if anyone is going and wants to meet up, look for a 84 caprice classic within 200 yards of miracle beach down from the main entrance.
  19. Fuck I wish I had money and a ride I'm off friday and saturday.

    I'm not gonna be able to have a good weekend knowing schwagstock is going on and I'm not getting completely fucked up.

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