Schwagstock anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brad112, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone herd of it or been to it? it is held in Salem Missouri a few times a year. Ive been a few times and cant wait till May for the next one.
  2. ILL be there, i just did a search and found this topic and thought that id bring it back up since schwag is this weekend! Who is going??? Salem missouri, live music, anything and everything you would want :), and the scenery is beautiful. Lots of activities such as hiking, floating, swimming etc..
  3. haha, reminds me of the good old times at Fernfest. Except there was no organization with it, it was usually a random ass place in the woods that some hippies would pick out. Build a makeshift stage, get the generators running, start jamming out. I remember some guy with dreads down to his feet showed me his bud collection. He opened up a suitcase and it was packed with jars filled with different kinds of bud. He just told me, "here man, grab a couple"

    I'd definitely go if gas wasn't at 4.10 cents right now.
  4. well, i got back yesterday at around 5 about a fuckin weekend. The property is very nice, and all the stages and vendors were set up very nicely. There were a TON of people there for the amount of space but good lord was it a good time. Our neighbors on each side of us had stuff for sale. Bubblehash and banana kush to the left, X, DMT, liquid morphine etc... to the right. People walking around yelling blotters, gel tabs, dank nugs.

    But on the other side. The nugs were not so much DANK. Every person i encountered thought they had some supreme top notch nuggs, and none of it really impressed me...Until this casual looking guy for a hippie fest comes walking by. By this time of night i had no idea what was going on, and all i heard was "15 different kinds of nug" and i had to turn around. He pulled me and a couple of friends aside and showed us a backpack FULL of different dank nugs. And we are talking some DANK ladies and gentlemen. Had all the strains labled on the clear viles. Insane! Anyways, he had around 100 single gram viles, and 20 something eigths. And he leaves me saying, you can call me the doctor, im down on the beach camp sites all day tomorrow. So i grabbed a gram of some strawberry diesel and told him id be back. Well, i never saw that dude again. So, the dude went by "the doctor".

    But yeah it was awesome, you should have went if you didnt.

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