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schwag vs dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by icepick, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. How can you tell? Besides smoking up some pictures and compare. I feel like im getting ripped off spending $20 on schwag when they claim it to be headies.
  2. lol i came from an area where every one sold shwag weed but said it was dank but i never paid more then normal prices for my area witch was 20 an eighth. but now i live in colorado and love it. its only dank bud and its 50 an eigthth. you will know dank when you see it it probably looks like the opposit your getting the difference is incredable.
  3. its very easy to tell the difference in some dank or schwag. SMELL IT! LOOK AT IT! there is no similarities lol. you can get more high of smelling some dank than you can off smoking 10 blunts of schawg lol. ok thats a little of an exaggeration but still.. if it looks like popcorn and has no seeds, and smells like heaven, its dank. if it looks like it might be dirt, full of stems and seeds, no trichomes, no color, smells like Off deep woods, then its schwag.

  4. lol this
  5. Swag is full of seeds and stems, taste nothing like marijuana.. it's brick weed.

    Mids barely gives me a buzz anymore. I'd doubt swag will do anything better than a headache.

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