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Schwag, ten bucks.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jellypendejo, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey guys Im new here. If i get some schwag but only buy a ten sack then will there be enough to collect seeds from?  Ive never bought schwag and im fairly new to buying anyway, the other thing is that i want mids because im new to weed and want some decent stuff, how much can i expect for only ten dollars?
    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Probs not, unless it's the shittiest of the shitty.

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  3. And prolly a .8. So you could roll a small ass joint or it might like be 2-3 bowls in a bong MAYBE so idk.
    But if it's regs you won't even get high. If it's dank you'll be maaaaaaad chillin

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  4. I've never bought Schwag without seeds.
    For $10 I always got around an 1/8th which was alright for me at the time.
    For mids or dank, expect anywhere from a half gram to a gram for $10.
  5. $10 will get you a single dank seed from one of the seedbanks, fuck that schwag nonsense.
  6. If you aren't getting ripped off then you should be getting at least an eighth ounce. You should find a decent amount of seeds in there could vary from 4-5 to a few dozen.
    If you want to grow properly and are willing to put in the time effort and resources into getting a successful crop I'd recommend ordering seeds online to get quality genetics. If you're going low budget experimenting for the first time then go with the commercial bud's seeds.
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    I mean i get 6g reggie for $10 in houston... dank reggie... yes yes its true. Just on a budget, im used to cali bud...

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  8. isn't dank reggie kind of an oxymoron?
  9. Dank Reggie is an oxymoron, but living straight down I-10 from Houston "the other end of the pipeline" I know exactly what he means. In Texas, being so close to Mexico, there is a notable difference between shitty Reggie and good Reggie. It all depends on what the grower did with it after he chopped it down. Most is sun dried, coulda been up a mules ass you never know, but some is actually pretty decent. I buy dank only, but friends in poorer situations sometimes get some nice brick weed.
  10. Why do you want seeds out of a bag of shwag? The plants harvest will more than likely be the same LQ shwag you didn't enjoy the first time round :confused:
  11. Def got some good reggie down here in htx

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    Mids around here is $5/gram, so a 10 would always get us like 1.7. Never f*cked with schwag sh*t though.
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    False. My first grow was organic grown from reggie seeds. Product was pretty even hybrid, dank as fuck

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  14. All this talk about people getting seeds. I have never gotten a single seed in anything I have bought. Wish I would have. Is this more because of where you live?

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  15. I haven't smoked mids in a hot minute and don't miss the headaches either.

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  16. You can never know. You may buy one gram and fine 5 seeds or you might buy a zip and find none.
  17. One time I bought 2g and got 20 seeds
  18. Why wouldn't he get high? Look I know high grade is the best, that's why I only smoke dank but I was getting high off of miss daily for over a year. Just don't say he wont get high just beacause YOU( sorry I coulndt find out how to bold) prefer high grade.
  19. I was talking shwag, mids will get you high. I mean like straight black and brown moldy ass stemy dry seedy shwag haha.

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  20. Ok thanks guys and the only reason i want schwag is for the seeds, i have no connections to anyone with seeds, I live in New Mexico so how much of dank do you think i will get for 20 bucks?

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