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schwag or mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LemonSauce, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. #1 LemonSauce, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2011
    Just got a temporary guy as are other one was out of our usual stuff. We paid 20 bucks for 5 of those bags. I'm just wondering what you guys think because they don't quite look like schwag, however they are pretty stemmy:


    newest pic, tried to get a clearer one out
  2. In the second pic it looks ok, but def still schwag. Take it out of the bag maybe? Lol
  3. not the worst I have ever seen but I am not picky weed is weed ...smoke it
  4. Take it out the bag and re take a few pics.
  5. And who the hell puts reggie in gram bags? The fuck
  6. Take it out of the bag haha but 5 dime bags full for $20? That's pretty good i guess, just roll mad blunts or joints haha i sure would be.
  7. ahh it,s shwagg but what the hell thats all i ever get here.
  8. Schwag, non the less if it gets you high, I consider it good :smoke:
  9. ok I added a 3rd picture, hopefully itll be a little more clear
  10. Yeah, that is schwag, but did you smoke it yet? How is it?
  11. how was the smoke bruh?

    if it was effective then it wasnt schwag.
  12. smoking it right now with a friend, and we have definitely gotten used to our mid-high stuff. its rather dry and crumbles quick. but i cant really complain with how little we paid for it. we're using our usual spoon piece for it

  13. A dime bag is $10 worth of bud, usually reggie. That you are referring to would be a gram baggie. Since a dime is 4.5 grams average, there is no chance those are 5 dime bags.

    Re: schwag or mids?
    how was the smoke bruh?

    if it was effective then it wasnt schwag.

    And how fucking ignorant is this shit? Bro just because schwag is a different high doesnt mean it doesnt work. I guarantee if you smoked a blunt of schwag to the dome youd be in outer space.
  14. look like schwag to me bro.
  15. Looks like some OG Purple Queer Kush
  16. Definitly schwag but that stuff runs for cheap and at least it get you high, for me the only problem with weed like that is it is usually hella harsh

  17. You recognize your own product?

  18. No. I don't grow.

  19. Lol just fuckin with ya man.

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