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  1. Hey guys, I've been followin along with this forum for quite awhile.... and I really enjoy your stuff. I finally reg'd and I'm gonna start postin. I'm a big middie/schwag fan. I tend to smoke the cheaper stuff since I'm job-less and basically poor. Just kinda interested in any other low-grade/comercial smokers' stuff. I definitely smoke kb (which is actually what I've got right now) but show me some middie/schwag pics. Probably sounds a bit weird..... but anyone who's a stoner knows its just fun to see pics of bud, and its cool to see pics of the kinda bud you smoke in other parts of the world.

    (or whatever else your current stash is ;))
  2. you should start growing, that way you can always have a constant supply of high quality bud at your fingertips;). check out the growroom design and setup section and check out some peoples boxes:D
  3. I definitely agree with taht bro, just sucks living with my family still..... last year I had 5 plants and they did real well, I wasn't around for the harvest but I got to smoke a few buds...... was a good, potent stone. Only a few years and hopefully I'll be able to grow. :cool:
  4. Were witcha man, this is the shit we steal everyday.

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  5. And this is the NEVER-ending bag of schwagg. :cool: Quarter everyday of this stuff.

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  6. wacha mean ya steal it ???
  7. Err..someone gives it to us. ;)
  8. schwag fucking suks, how can you even smoke that shit?........(no caps please........Sid)
  9. You shouldn't even be smoking pot. Close-minded people suck. How could ANY type of pot suck, if it gets you high................. eh???

  10. You would smoke it if you had,stop fooling yourself.
    If you were behind closed doors your ass would smoke it
  11. Hell yeah man as long as it doesn't give me a headache I'd hit it.
  12. Hmm, funny you mention that. I have this tendancy to get headaches when smokin lower grade stuff. Occasionally from chron too. MOST the time it's when I'm cashin out and I wait it out and stay awake and dont smoke anymore, I get fuckin tired as hell and all achey all over. I dunno if anyone else has shit like that or if its just me but I hate it! :eek:

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