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  1. High there all. I was at Target yesterday just looking around at the fertalizers that they had. Now my question is about choosing the right Fert.

    Is the Schultz Expert Gardner Bloom Plus liquid plant food good for the flowering stage? Or is it good for my babies in general?
    That's pertty much it, any info will be greatly appreciated. Well I'll appreciate it because your answers just might make my babies produce hellafide Buds. Thanks and Grow on!

  2. So I'm pretty sure the tomato plant food from Shultz will work, or do I have to use the Miracle Grow Brand? I hear Shultz is better than MG, but does Shultz even have a tomato food?

    I hope the stuff at target will work.

    Thanks for the help though.
  3. The Shultz Bloom Plus 10-60-10(I prefer) is very,very good for the flowering stage...not to be used for vegetative stage.

    Rapid-Gro 23-19-17,(I prefer)or,,Shultz 20-20-20,,Peters 20-20-20,,or similar are good for the vegetative stage.

    IMO,,,Miracle Gro basically stinks for growing good cannabis...(sorry peoples)

    If you have nothing else available,,tomato fert is the best option,especially if it is from Shultz.

    good luck
  4. I've read that MJ has similar properties to african violets, which enjoy a lower pH as well. I've used shultz fert for african violets, NPK like 12-7-4, I don't really remember, for bloom stage and it works pretty well.

  5. Schultz 10-60-10 whips miracle gro's ass every time. Not just for mj but for all garden plants. thier whole line is the best out there!

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