Schultz Bloom Plus. Is this good?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Kanra, May 28, 2009.

  1. My plants are about 2 months old or so. They are just now entering budding stage and they are almost done with vegetation stage (I can see a shitload of white hairs growing from different places). We started puting schultz bloom plus (1/2 tsp per gallon... or 1/4 of the cup on the actual bottle). We poured the whole gallon of water on 6 different plants.
    Is this good? Just making sure .
  2. Whats the NPK ratio on that?
  3. Isn't that like 10-60-10 with some added zinc? I wouldn't use it personally but in a pinch I guess it coudn't hurt if you gave it a diluted mixture. If not you could cause a phosphorus lock out. I use something similar late in flowering but not for initial flowering and full bloom stages. I sometimes hit really greasy smelly indicas with CHA CHING by F.F. and it's rated at like 9-50-10 in the last part of flowering before the flush. And a very mild solution at that along with a heavy dose of SWEET Berry or Citrus carb supplement or molasses in a pinch. I think it really does boost terpenes and resins. You should find a better bloom fert than that. Look for a lilly miller brand if your on the tight budget. lilly miller makes Alaska fish emulsion foliar sprays ect.... I even had a youngster disolve lilly miller vita bloom slow release granuals and diluted the mixture by 1 part disolved pellet solution (1 tblspn/1 gal) with 4 parts fresh water and had some nice looking blooms but that stuff is at a rating of 0-10-10.(better than 10-60-10) just watch out for zinc toxicity with the schultz. I'm pretty medicated and got to get off the computer. Weed is a hell of a drug!!!!!:)
  4. After looking back at the post a little more closely I don't think you could do any harm because if you spread a gal. of diluted mixture among six plants then no worries. But find a better fert. Spend a little more get a whole lot in return!

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