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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RQskater6, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. This is pretty damn gay. This morning i smoked before school to get a buzz going so i could stay awake and so i did. When i got to school i didn't really think anything was going to happen it just felt like a regular day. I have studay hall first period so i figured i would be able to relax and chill so i was listening to music and one of our school narks came up to me and told me to come with him. i had a feeling they were going to search me and so i went with him. He took me into my deans office and said that they had reasons to believe i had marijuana on me, and they asked me if i did i told them no i don't have anything besides a lighter and i gave that to them. They preceaded to go through my shit and they didn't find anything else, because i don't bring shit to school anymore since i got arrested earlier that year in school. So it was a big waste of time for them. I ended up getting a saturday school for the lighter. Which is alright i guess, but my mom is complaining about this to the district because we don't think schools should have the power to do that kind of shit..Since she's a stoner as well :) heh, well yeah what do you guys think of this?
  2. a saturday for a lighter, thats fuckin stupid, I wouldn't go to it.....
  3. You get punished for bringin' a lighter to school?????? WTF is going on? I thought everyone had a lighter their pocket. it's legal to buy...

    Anyway...shame you got arrested before. That always makes them come back to ya. Hope they leave you alone next time.

    Toke on

    BTW I hope you had a spliffy with yer mom and a good laugh when ya told her they wasted their time
  4. Around here they won't sell you a lighter unless you're 18. I agree that a Saturday is way to harsh for carrying a lighter.
  5. why did you let them search you? You realize they still have to follow some legalities when it comes to search and seizure, not only that but since you obviously have to be 18 to be on here it is perfectly legal to have a lighter on school grounds. If I were you I wouldnt stand around while they fucked with you like that.
  6. That totally blows... it's a fuckin lighter. FIGHT THE POWER!

  7. Some schools took it upon themselves to give them the right to search anyone without a warrant, but just with probably cause, which is actually just possible cause for them. This is the way it was in my K-12 schools, though most weren't 18 yet, I don't think that means they don't have privacy rights.
  8. I am so glad I'm out of school. I was sick of going someplace every day where you leave your rights at the door.

  9. What?????? You can drive a car and endanger other people at the tender age of 16 but to can't endanger your own health by smokin' you gotta be 18 (and 21 to buy alcohol)? I don't envy you.

    Ok, I do when it comes to weed. Around here we almost only get hasj
  10. people, consider that a lighter is a utensil of fire. fire is not just used for exploding molecules and inhaling carbon monoxide into your lungs, they can also light shit on fire! the school is probably looking out for their building's safety. granted, if i was the principal, i would have just taken the lighter away and no detention, however...most schools are drug/tobacco-free zones, therefore making no case whatsoever for having a lighter in your pocket in school. there is no reason you would need one. seriously. i would not have punished him. but don't bring lighters to school, stoner. it's that simple.

  11. they dont even need probable cause, in schools its "reasonable suspicioun" which means basically that if there is any reason to believe you have bud or anything, no matter how weak it is they can search you
  12. Um, here in Canada the school administration itself cannot search you. They can detain you and they can ask you to empty your pockets show them your bag. But if u refuse they need to call the police, or in my case, the school police officer.
  13. What the fuck they send you to school on a FUCKING saturday
    This is extream what would happen if you just dont go?
    You poor Americans.
  14. just dont go to saturday school. I am against saying fuck cops, but i will say FUCK SCHOOLS

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