Schools are finnally doig thier jobs,,,,

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  1. Well my daughter got 1o days oss because she skipped a couple of classes and she got caught.... And I got the phone call telling me to come and get her,,, We she also brought a pocket knife ,,,My guestion is How do punish her? Because i dont spank shes 14 chicken says he has a lot of work ahead of here...Help a sister figure this one out,,,,
  2. Ground her, take away something see loves like her cell phone. Let her kno that what she is doing is not going to be tolerated while she's under your roof.
  3. She doesnt have boyfriend anymore because him and his cousin were involved....she has no phone ans she has to do everything asked of her no matter what ....chicken says he will have her workin hard for the next 2weeks,,
  4. Well, good man chicken and OP, and seeing as she's 14 I say take away all outside contact. She'll break in a matter of hours.
  5. ...wat?
  6. THIS. My parents used to make me read when I got in trouble, and at first I hated it, i'd throw fits about how long and boring the books were, but my dad would tell me that the faster I read the faster i'd be out of trouble, and since fate was in my hands I would read that shit as fast as possible. kept me out of trouble and got me to read, quite the 2-fer

    14yo girl has a bf. My god I hope I don't have a daughter.:eek:

  7. Word.

  8. This.

    But reading is a good punishment. Make sure though you quiz them on what they read or else they have to reread it. Also make sure they don't use sparknotes. :rolleyes:

  9. oh thats fucked up no one should be with their cousin
    i thought all that stuff was just jokes but i guess not
  10. lol wtf why are you asking this on a marijuana forum :confused:
  11. what does chicken have to do with any of this?
  12. he's a fellow blade ;)
  13. really just hope she learned a lesson. kids that old you cant tell them nothin they gonna do whatever they please. im not puttin ur kid in a category or nothin im talkin bout the majority.
    o yeah i kno chicken if you by where he lives at youre only a few counties and a long ass stretch of highway from here:D
  14. I have no idea how to punish a kid! I'm 19 and how an authority problem myself!
  15. You have me torn whether or not I want a daughter first off now....
  16. i think bringing a knife to school was probably just random thing she did unless you know she has a problem with some kids and wanted to use it on them? idk when i was younger some kid got expelled for having a knife and he was showing it to people like he was the shit. i think this was in like 6th grade or something lol.

    as for skipping school, i think it's not too big a deal unless she's failing classes because of the absences. i think you should let her know that if she can get a good gpa and learn stuff then she shouldn't have to go to class every day. in my high school and in college now i did most of my learning on my own time anyway so you could try to engage her that way. but if she's not like me then i dont really know what you should do. :)

    and uh... i thought 14 was about the right time for boyfriends/girlfriends??
  17. I agree for the most part except for allowing her to skip classes. Skipping is bad on records and stuff. She can fall asleep in class though, that's fine lol.

    What's the big deal about her bf and his cousin being involved? She's 14, she's allowed to start dating. Face it, kids start having sex younger and younger, I lost my v-card at 14 and knew of girls who were already preggo at 14, it's life, if she has sex, make sure she does it responsibly, don't take away her rights for learning more than books by not letting her date people. :rolleyes:

    Have you asked if anyone is bullying her or anything? It's a serious matter that you, as a parent need to find out.

  18. Maybe you'll get a Hermaphrodite.
  19. My vote is always for giving kids some real world experience so they get some perspective on life beyond school. Put her to work in soup kitchen or women's shelter for 10 days. If she likes animals.... send her to clean cages at the local Humane society or No-Kill shelter. She could also help with animal adoption at Pet Smart if they have that locally. :)

    And, as everyone else asked, why did she feel like she needed a knife? :confused:

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