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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Yes!! I'm holding my breath................................................................................................................I'm, a pretty shade of blue........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait!!!! NO MORE kids runnin in and out of the house all day. No more wondering who's doing what to who. Summer vacation is almost over!!!! I can be human again..........have the house to myself -- at which time I will be parking the car down the street, locking the doors, taking the phone off the hook (unless I'm surfing-then it will just be busy all day like it has been today!!) and having it all to my damned self!!!

    Thank you-I needed that!!
  2. cant wait!!!!!!!!!
    we got 2 more weeks. your not going to hear me complaining about getting up at 6:

    *little side note my kids have designed nice trap that works, so for the last week weve been catching and turning loose critters.
  3. School starts a week from tommorrow down here. I'll loose my oldest who has been helping me all summer. Other than that it will be great once again for a while!
  4. i'm crossing my fingers for ya stonie jo!

    and i'll be cryin' my eyes out when my lil sis goes off to ARIZONA (*sob*) for college. the unseparable sisters, finally separated! :(

    i'll try to speed up time for ya though, so you can get some peace and quiet! lol
  5. no don't talk about school, i have a few weeks to go before it starts, theres a tattoo i wanna get before school starts but i don't know if i'll have the cash by then... ahhh damn. I know i'm going to fail next year, i really don't want to think about it yet. i need to get a job so i can drop out.
  6. damn..stonie...some of us still go to school...although my fall semester wont start until well into september..:(
  7. and some of us get to go back to work and teach the kids who ran around all summer. lol at least parents got it good -they spend 10 months in school.

    hee hee - i'm happy to go back. we've been off since june 7. we start up aug. 22 this year and will end the end of may. :)
  8. ISn't it wierd how every parents looks forward to school ending AND starting back up!
  9. Not that, anything but that. Senior year is supposed to be funwith your whole like 4 classes. But no, I had to fuck off for like 2 and a half years so I get to take 8 classes both semesters. I have to get up an hour early to take zero period weight training both semesters, go to school all fucking day long while all my friends will be sleeping in and leaving early, and then I have to get a job so I can get credit for seventh period OJT both semesters, should be interesting. The shitty thing is I really have to try this year. If I don't pass anything, that's it, times up, I'm a loser who couldn't even finish high school because I was too lazy to apply myself.

    The good thing is I don't have a behavioral contract this year so I'll have a little more room to breath, but that could also be a bad thing I guess. I generaly don't do to well with freedom, but i've been doing a lot better lately so well just have to see how it goes.

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