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Discussion in 'General' started by Sensi Enthused, May 31, 2004.

  1. This is a sorta lame question, but I'm bored and I like the black and olive green font on text box = ) .

    Question is: ¿To what extent do you care about school?

    (a) School is super neato. I love the notion and sensation of becoming a learned individual.

    (b) It's alright; not the best thing in the world, but I just do my best because my parents are harsh.

    (c) I'm pretty sporadic with my enthusiasm. Sometimes I try, other times, not really so much at all.

    (d) School uB3r $ux0rz. I don't really do shit. I try sometimes, but it's not really my thing. I do, however, enjoy my l33t c3r3@1.

    (e) Wait, what? Dude, let's do this shit later, I'm not -- WHOAH! FU#K FU#K!faferggSL;'D fgad;ds. Cocaine is outta control...
  2. This would probably have done better in a proper poll form but ah well. I would opt for (a) learning provides qualifications for better jobs with more money to spend on 'essentials' also I want to lobby to get the law regarding everybody's favourite herb changed in my country (UK) and the more education i have behind me and the better job i'm in the more influence i will have. yay legal loopholes.
  3. Yeah, sorta stupid. Just an attempt for me to waste time.
  4. Weird post.

    I think education is important. I don't necisarily agree with the school system, but yeah, education is good.

  5. A smart guy, much respect.

    I also believe that the better the position a person holds in public the more chance they have of being listened to,a very close friend is a biker and a lawyer.
    The education system gives us the tools we need to fight on the level that this debate must be won at, the judges must be the ones to win over and what better way to do that than in the courts.
    I choose to continue to educate myself just in the knowledge that my brain isn't given the chance to go to waste, I like knowing things just for the sake of knowing them.

  6. I'm the same way. And as with VW, I don't necessarily agree with our current schooling system (be it public or private), but think education is essential, and will never stop learning.
  7. It depends. If something interests me, I enjoy learning about it. But then there's some classes that I could care less about, and I hate learning it, but I have to so I do. I just dont put in a whole lot of effort.

  8. pretty much same with me..but i try no matter how much i dislike/hate the is essential

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