School-> Work -> Retire?

Discussion in 'General' started by hookahlove, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. So I'm in my first year of college. So far, very easy, almost no point in even enrolling, just read the book and I could take the tests. Can't I just learn what I want to learn and then leave? I don't understand the whole job thing where I get a job then die. I feel a bit lost... What if a person just wants to learn new things?

    I can't just live, learn and smoke weed?
  2. Of course you can do that. Live your life however you want to.
  3. you can live and learn and go to school too. society is a strange thing and puts value on some strange things. society does value diplomas for various reasons...
  4. Though many people don't like the military...

    If I stay in, I can retire and Live COMFORTABLY with a full pension when im 38...

    Life is sweet.
  5. Yeah you can live, learn and smoke weed, but money makes the world go round and if you dont have a job then you aint livin and you prolly aint smokin weed. :)
  6. just because you'll have a job it doesn't mean that you have to stop learning.
  7. and it doesnt mean you have to stop smoking weed :bongin:

    stay hungry. by neglecting your college your passing up an oppurtunity. take advantage. milk it for what its worth and it will pay off

  8. isnt that easy as you go along man. It might seem easy now, but Im a junior and Im trying to decipher Sumerian Cuniform. And another thing, there are plenty of things you can do to make money that you will enjoy doing. Most of the time, if you dont figure out what you want to do or who you are in college, you do end up working a 9to5 cubicle job, wearing a short sleeve button down and a tie.

    Just do what YOU want to do, not what others think, you have to make a desicion for yourself and not straddle the fence all your life.

    sry if that sounded harsh, just trying to do a peptalk haha :smoke:
  9. Get a job in the manufacturing industry, there is new technology to learn every single year.
    Thats what im taking in college, its tough stuff.


  10. Amen.
  11. personally, i always felt that college helps you realize what you want to do when you get out and helps you become a more free person so that you don't have to do the repetitive work in the "real world"

    but this is coming from a person who is just about to finish community college, so i may be wrong here.

    i mean, i think there is a way you can still do the 9 to 5 thing, paper work, etc but if you choose the right career path, i think you can at least avoid it better with a good education.
  12. I love learning, but I hate school and work, so I know the feeling, bro. Some of the material here can be used to help remedy the problem :)
  13. You're right JokerSmoker. I didn't go to college until I was thirty then I got a business degree. So I've lived life without college and I've lived with it. It's sooo much better after college, you actually get to think while you're at work, and the work is interesting, and when it's interesting it doesn't even feel like work.
  14. Join the Peace Corps...
  15. Its called Life, bro. Learn to love it and find happiness where you can.

    On the flip side, life is what you make it. Do what you want to do. Think of the Future, but at the same time realize you could die tomarrow.
  16. a good job sure helps you buy pot.
  17. pots not really that important to me. sure i love. loved her the past 6 years. but i know one when i have a family and a job to support that family i wont have the same time i do to chill on a blunt and watch a movie.

    unless i become the greatest actor of all time.
  18. I don't see how you can't have time, 1 minute maybe, to hit a bowl.
  19. I am starting to realize that college is not only a money-making scheme, but also a way to keep the masses in line.

  20. Hey GeoTokeR I Love these perspective's there great :)

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