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School trip

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DaStupidGuy, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. So basically I'm going on a school trip on april and we're a group of 50 students and we're going to Washington by bus. So my questions is:
    Is it safe to bring pot cookies or brownies to the USA? Can I get caught on the border by the USA's customs? Do they usually have dogs to detect those who have drugs on them and finally do you think they'll verify everybody?
    I was planning on bringing 3 cookies MAX. and either hide them in my backpack or in my clothes.

  2. You'll be fine...if there was actually a dog or something you can just eat them right then. You're in a large group, they wouldn't get to you first anyway.
    Just keep them on you.
  3. Where are you travelling from?
  4. I'm going from Quebec to Washington... On bus. The whole time. I just don't want to get caught, it's a serious crime... And I asked my friends who went to Boston last year and they said they don't have dogs and they just ask for the passport but if you look suspicious or you seem to be stressed about something they might ask you to open your bag.
  5. In my experience they won't bring the dogs on the bus but they will walk them around the bus by the luggage compartment underneath. When crossing the boarder you will have to go into a building where they will check your passport and may ask you a couple questions about where you are going.

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  6. I went on a bus trip from ON to Ohio, when we got to the border as we got off and had our passports checked they walked a dog through our bus.
    I wouldn't risk it, do you really wanna lose your anal virginity to a border cop with a latex glove?
  7. simple enough just bring "ripe cookies" and "normal ones" keep them with other snacks and shit even if they do bring dogs in and somehow they want to search your bag or what ever it will just look like normal snacks. you gotta look at it through the patrols eyes they know its a school trip with a bunch of kids they want to get you checked and get you out of there hair. highly doubt they will think anything like this is going on.

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