School to prison pipeline.

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  1. Schools are prepping children for jail by giving out Criminal citations, Disorderly conduct and Misdemeanor tickets For things like cussing, throwing paper, and missing class.

    The usual targets are youth minorities and the disabled. And they usually end up with Hefty fines or prison time.

    The federal govt funds millions of dollars for police to be in school when what they really need is counselors.

    In 2013;100,000 misdemeanor tickets were written in Texas to minors at schools.
    This is school to prison pipeline.

    Tickets are written to families that can't pay them, leading to children serving time or going to alternative schools.
    alternatives school group together troubled students, labeling them as bad, and isolates them from other students. Teaching is not as rigorous as other school institutions, another example of school to prison pipeline

    The police are not counselors. But teachers are rushing to them instead of rushing to help the child. Getting things like misdemeanors on your record at an early age prevents you from getting a job in the future.

    They are setting children up for lost opportunities when they really need help.
    Kids sent to juvenile facilities are 37x more likely to be arrested in their adult life.

    The system is flawed, time to move or homeschool.

  2. Lmao, what?  Gov won't give up on trying to get richer.  I would have had a lot of misdemeanors before reachching jr high if they implied that on me.
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  6. She made a thread? This is hardly controversial or baiting people. You're just shitposting. The only thing that drives me absolutely autismal to no end is not leaving out a source.
  7. I typed this up, it's spotty because I was coming up with sentences whilst watching the segment on Aljazeera
  8. You never even get a chance to explain your self, and its your word against the teacher
  9. I agree. Although mine was not quite as bad as your example, the teachers and principles that were at my school were literally fascist running a fascist institution.

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  10. shitposting in ranee thrads iz wat i dew. mostly because someone like you comes along and doesnt understand that im just mocking the other people who say that shit in most of her threads. and also because renee and i usually talk about these topics outside of GC so i just troll her threads for the lulz. sorry you dont like.
    That's called pretending to be retarded.
  12. I'm assuming these punishments are in response to actual crimes. I've never heard of someone getting a misdemeanor for throwing paper at someone. And it's not like texas is known for great public schools
  13. They're usually issued for disorderly conduct or disruption of class. Those were just rough examples,
  14. Some local business in our area are closed for a few hours when school lets out in the afternoon, due to rowdy gangs of mostly girls who destroy property, start fights, and scare off other customers.
  15. This is a sad truth.
  16. What a great story. How does it relate?
  17. Some kids do enough to get themselves into prison, they don't need the school's help. Many of these punks are not innocent, that is how it relates. Many schools have lost their balls when it comes to discipline, but that too is more the parents' fault than the kids. Obviously, treating schools like prisons is no answer. But neither is letting voilent punks get away with so much crap when they are old enough to know better.
  18. To some extent I agree with you, but suspending students and giving them tickets is also not the answer. These kids need counseling not prisons, that doesn't help. It adds to the problem. And adds to the prison monopoly.
  19. There are many more punk kids in this day and age , then there was in the past. I agreee whole heartedly on that.
    however, kids are a product of their surroundings , some of these kids getting in trouble, expelled and all that jazz ...are simply acting that way because of the fucked up that has happened to them while they were growing up.
  20. Absolutely, I'm with you. The money just isn't there, classes and programs get cut all the time, and kids are often overlooked or worse, ignored, and that's a shame. Really, I can't stand any zero-tolerance militaristic approach to anything, least of all high schools. I'm a pretty liberal guy, but when kids are violent, or steal, or destroy property, it comes time to kick a little ass.

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