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  1. I've been recently trying to come up with some grow system ideas and ran across an old school style locker that I have had for a while now. 
    Here are some pictures: 
    Interior has a shelf almost near the top, appears to be riveted in. 
    A couple pictures of the holes and gaps:
    Internal shot of locking mechanism:
    What would be the recommended way to set this up?
    Should I go LED or CFL? 
    What kind of material would be good to seal this up? I need to create negative pressure so I can filter all the exhaust through a carbon filter. 
    Right now I'm thinking of moving that shelf down to center and running one of the chambers as veg and the other as flowering, I'm hoping to fit 2-4 plants on each level. I also plan on using mylar to line the locker, and might be running a coco coir hydro setup. I'm still unsure if using any grow methods like manifolding or LST woul increase yields in a system like this.
    I'm pretty new to growing overall, so whatever you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. 

  2. To be honest I wouldn't you that only because your at a limited width length, you may be able to pull of 1 plant

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