School Shooting: At least 5 injuried at Cleveland school. Gunman dead.

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    News reports are all fucked up right now with the lack of information the media has. So far I've heard no victims are dead and the gunman killed himself (msnbc). I've also heard the gunman was killed in a shoot out with police (fox). I've also heard that a few victims are in critical condition (cnn). So im sitting here stoned like WTF is going on? I guess we will have to wait for a city official to speak to the media to get the real story. Its very depressing to see another school shooting.
  2. Couldn't agree more.

    I wish these scumbags would stop dying after they do this shit so they can rot in jail for the rest of their lives.:mad:
  3. o_O

    I'm not even turning on the news this time.
  4. It's been all over the news. It's really depressing
  5. Jesus, what is wrong with our society.
  6. I really dislike these types of people. Its a sick person to walk into a school and start opening fire on innocent children
  7. I think this shooter was an "innocent child"... he was 14 years old.. jesus christ society is fucked.
  8. Its just so much easier to learn to point and shoot, than to learn tolerance and respect for your fellow students. They're just imitating the government.

  9. Innocence goes out the window when you walk into a school with the intent of killing others.
  10. Eh, the guy that shot up my school when I lived in Taber was only in for a little while. Then he was in a halfway house...escaped...and was back in. I'd prefer he had shot himself afterwards.
  11. not when you're 14. at the age of 14 you dont know well enough and you sure dont have an independent mind at 14.

    think about what you were doing at age 14. sure we knew what we were doing was bad or wrong, but i dont think a 14 year old can compute the whole consequences of his actions.

    being from ohio ill follow this story when facts become available.

    its definetely a sad day for cleveland.

  12. Well I was 11 or so and I knew that him killing one of my older schoolmates right outside my bandroom was pretty fucking wrong. Perhaps I was just raised properly? Maybe I'm just a little blinded by the fact that I was there...
  13. my reply wasnt to you. it was to the guy who quoted me.

    and i was pointing out that yes we know what is right and wrong. but at a young age you dont know the full consequences of your actions. hell i dont think at 16-17 many people have the full understanding and consequences of their actions.

    theres a huge difference between knowing right and wrong. and understading

  14. Oops, to fucked to catch who you were addressing. Hurt my back and the doc gave me magic pills :smoke:
  15. when you're 14, you definitely know the difference between right and wrong, and you know that going into a school and shooting people is the wrong thing to do.
  16. Lots happened in Ohio today. It's kinda nuts. The shooting happened, a train derailed and was (still might be, I dunno) on fire and shit, and I guess a cop just got killed in a car accident. Crazy shit.
  17. Yep, everything has been pretty quiet lately, I half expected something like this to happen sooner or later.

    It's a good thing nobody was killed, that's all I have to say.
  18. and yet....
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  19. My schizophrenia was pretty severe when I was 14, and even I knew damn well that if I brought a gun to school and started shooting I would receive 1st Murder. Even the state of mind I was in, I knew this. The insanity defense does not work in the vast majority of the cases it is used in.
  20. Yes, indeed. It's very difficult to try for an insanity plea while you are in a normal frame of mind these days.

    Personally, from what I've seen inside the walls of Sanitariums and Mental Asylums, I would much rather have a date with a needle than submit myself to that kind of life-long nightmare. People have lied and posted insanity pleas and been driven into insanity itself while within the clutches of the Asylum they were commited to.

    My thoughts go out to you opt0, especially after my own battles with my mental state. Schizephrenia is hard, amigo, and you'll be a new person after defeating it.


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