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  1. I have to present in a hour for my health class at college. Anyways I hate presentations. I hate them. Any tips would be nice? I have to present a PowerPoint with 3 other people for lime 10 mins. I hate taking in fromt of the people. Anytips please smoke::
  2. Dont take it too seriously, take deep breaths, look at the back of the room when your talking.
  3. If you're nervous, stare at the back wall of the class instead of looking directly at the people. Talk slow, emphasis your points, don't fiddle with your hands.

    and a little xanax never hurt anybody...
    no just kidding

    but not really
  4. YeAhh. For some reason my voice always gets lower . Like I need to speakup
  5. just be humble...and literally take slow, deep breaths. i know everyone says to, but it really helps with staying calm.

    just remember, it's always easier to speak in a crowd of 20 people or more, cuz that means there's always a few people not paying attention or giving a shit at all. it's the smaller groups where everyone tends to listen and pay attention to every detail...especially your physical appearance...
  6. 90% of the time during public speaking, one may feel their voice is cracking or too low, meanwhile the audience is thinking, "Damn, I wish I was that comfortable up there".:smoke:

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