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Discussion in 'General' started by TanneR, May 11, 2010.

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    Today my school got me to say I smoked pot. They are saying its a saftey issue and will need to call my parents tommorow. My parents knew i used to smoke but dont think i do anymore and i just got all my trust and shit back. What can i say so they dont call my parents. Say i was lying to them and everyone else to seem cool, because I could only make myself seem cool by smoking?
  2. How'd they get you to do that?
  3. They just did, the keep me in there until i say something. They kept on saying that a teacher over heard me talking about how i got wicked high last week and other shit like that. So another excuse i could use was I just said that so i could get out of there?
  4. They're gonna call. They ain't stupid enough to fall for that "I was saying it to be cool!" bullshit.

    There's a reason they were questioning you about it in the first place. However, if you are actually 18 (which you need to be to be on this site) you could just tell them you're an adult and your parents don't need to be contacted about anything like this.

    Just suck it up and deal with the consequences. You slipped up.
  5. they said its only cause its a saftey hazard though, so i said "if a kid smokes cigs will you call there parents" she answerd no...
  6. Damn, high school sounds like prison these days. They were a lot cooler about smoking when I was in school.
  7. Ugh, teachers are so dumb sometimes, They think there doing good buy calling you parents.
  8. Well since you obviously over 18 having registered here, tell them that it is a breach of your personal privacy and that you would be willing to take the matter on in court if they released private information about you to a 3rd party.

    And if your not 18, then your fucked. I would recommend telling your parents yourself, its better they hear it from you then a principal who will most probably make it seem a lot worse than it really is.
  9. This, and if the OP is 18+ then I'm 227. If he were 18 or older the school wouldn't be able to talk to his parents about it.
  10. they dont have any proof thooo, so i can say i was lying the whole time..
  11. I normally don't respond to just say "this"


    This exactly.
  12. They don't need proof. They aren't the police or the DA. As long as you're underage you are the responsibility of your parents and the school can tell them anything they want.
  13. It has been a day full of fail today on GC :(

    I always knew you were old as dirt OSG. 227 eh? :D
  14. Uh, perhaps you should consider pressing for the logic in this one. How is one a safety issue and the other is not?

    A minor (which 90% of high school kids are) smoking cigarettes poses a health risk to themselves and others around them. It's also against the law for a minor to possess tobacco products. Their "rule" to punish one and not the other is hypocritical at best, and could land them in a shitload of legal trouble if they were to prove that the school knowingly allowed minors to smoke. Just sayin'...

    On top of that, IF you are in fact 18, you should really brush up on the wealth of laws that opened up for you the day you turned 18. I think legal education should probably be mandatory for everyone 16 - 20 years old. It would probably help a LOT of you from getting into a legal bind, such as this "they forced me" bullshit right here.
  15. I think it's obvious that OP is underage. He would have been relieved if he was 18 because they wouldn't be allowed to tell his parents anything...And he disregarded all the posts talking about that.
  16. Yeah...I age gracefully. At least until someone cuts my head off.
  17. Uh, I don't know if you really want to push this issue, unless you're prepared to take (and pass) a drug test, which is likely the next step your own parents will take with you IF they choose to believe YOU over whatever the school board says.

    If I were you, I'd be preparing myself for a "random" drug test from your parents anyway...Unless you know they're cool about it, which I seriously doubt, as this thread probably wouldn't exist.
  18. Hrm, I can't quite tell if that was a Highlander "there can be only one!" reference, or if it was a Marijuana "time to chop and harvest" reference.

    Tell me OSG, do you sometimes feel like the very object you grow? :D

  19. you know how much i love you?
  20. Why does everybody feel the need to bother him about his age?

    But first off, you shouldnt have admitted it. Period.
    Second, own up to your parents. Fuck it. Whats the worst thats gonna happen?
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