School Physical = Drug Test? Yea

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  1. So I went to go take a physical for my high school Marine Biology class so I could scuba dive. I went to the physical alone with a permission slip from my parents (you gotta be 19 in iowa to go to the doctor alone).

    I get in there and the doctor told me to piss in a cup and he wasn't gonna take a blood test, so whatever. I've pissed in the cup before, and i've seen many posts on this forum saying the piss test isnt to test for marijuana, and it never has in the past for me, so I was cool with it.

    So wake up this morning and my parents wanna talk to me, we sit down and they say the doctor called and said I tested positive for marijuana and amphetamines. I took some adderall and thats what the amphetamines were, but they didnt really ask about it. My parents said just don't drive when i've been smoking and werent really too harsh about it. They never said "DONT smoke pot" they just said "Dont DRIVE after you smoke pot" They grounded me for a week, but my friends can come over, but thats not too bad so whatever.

    So my question is can the doctor just test for drugs cuz he wants to? Cuz I asked my parents if they requested it and they said no. Im pretty sure they didnt because my dad isnt really a snoopy person and he wont lie to me.
  2. if your 18. .

    then you need to get the fuck out of iowa.

    cant go to the doctor alone?
  3. Yea but in other states can the doctor just DT without a request if your underage?
  4. um wtf??? you gotta be leaving something out man, that shit is very illegal. cant dt without your permission if over 18, cant call your parents and tell them. you must be underage lol
  5. yea i never said my age ;)
  6. Wouldn't they tell you what they were testing for? sounds fishy to me, i don't see why they would test for marijuana.
  7. Usually they can test for other stuff with your piss. but my real question was, lets say im underage, if my parents DONT request a drug test and they give me one and then tell my parents, is that legal?
  8. If you were 18 or older, I would assume that's illegal. Being that you're still underage, I'm not too sure. Just be glad your parents didn't work you over, I know mine would.
  9. I was under the impression that the doctor was ONLY ALLOWED TO TELL YOU about results from YOUR test. doctor patient confidentiality (spelling). sue the mother fucking imo
  10. yeah sue that fat fuck

  11. boo yah

  12. First off, your underage. That means your parents still make your medical decisions for you. So, that being said, your doctor HAS to tell your parents if they ask.

    Two possible things could have happened.

    A.) Your parents are bullshitting and ordered the test for you.


    B.) your parents are bullshitting, they didnt drug test you and just tricked you into telling them you smoke pot.

    Either way your parents are bullshitting. GL with that
  13. this forum is not for minors
  14. Well I told my parents, if they are lying to me, then I have NO reason to tell them the truth ever again. My parents arn't trying to hide anything from me. So for the most part I believe them.

    And for B I never actually admitted I smoked, they just told me not to. And the reason I know they arn't lying is because I tested positive for amphetamines and I had just taken a 10mg Adderall the day of the physical.

  15. Well, if thats the case go beat that doctor with a baseball bat.
  16. what probably happened was

    in the papers theres probably a section that said like sign here if you want a drug test as well

    and your parents just saw the line and signed it without reading

    and as for the doctor to patient confidentiality, because you were underaged, your parents get the results, not you

    so there was most likely nothing illegal done here, just a hardocre misunderstanding
  17. Yea but the thing that stumped me is that my parents were never with me at the doctor, I went alone. I know the peeing in a cup is routine but I'm pretty sure they didn't always check for drugs, and Ive had this same doctor before. I just don't understand why they did it.
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  19. If you were over 18 the doctor could not have done this,
    Its obvious that you're underage..
  20. Federal Law (in all 50 states - don't give me that Iowa bullshit) says that no doctor may legally share your medical information with ANYONE without your permission, its called HIPPA.

    That is, if you are an adult (as in 18). Which, obviously, you are not.

    Judge Judy said it best... "Don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining".

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