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    Alright, this started out with my sophomore year of high school where I wasn’t the best kid in the perspective of the teachers and staff. I was a daily smoker at the time and I would always show up to school blazed and I would still continue to get my work done and get pretty decent grades, however; I would be seen hanging out with the older crowd this being the juniors, seniors esc. Overtime being in the deans and just in the office quite a bit and being known to hangout with the stoners and for different stuff it ended up that me and the school officer got pretty close. Every time he saw me In the hallways as well as with the rest of the security they would say hi to me and just start conversations. Through the entire year there had been multiple incidents where the officer would start a conversation with me and I was simply blazed out of my mind, however; he had never really said anything. I’m not the type that you can easily notice and if you don’t personally know me you won’t be able to tell. Well once the end of the year came and it was the last few weeks of school, the school officer ended up seeing me in the hallway during my last period and he had ended up starting a conversation with me. He continued into telling me that I’ve been having my eyes a little less red and glossy recently and I haven’t been seeming as calm. He asked if I’ve changed my routine from the beginning of the year and I asked what he meant, he just gave me a nice laugh at the end and a pat on the back. Told me to have a great rest of my day and a safe summer and to not do too much :lmafoe:

    Conclusion: school officer knew the entire year that I was coming blazed to school and at the end of the year confronted me about it and told me to have a great summer and to not smoke too much.
  2. School? How old are you dude??
  3. I graduated 2 years ago. Just a little story from high school.
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