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School issues

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongToker92, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I failed a drug test at school for tennis. Now I have to get drug tested once a month for a whole 365 days. Do you think that they'll call me in to test me over summer break? Also, on the contract I had to sign it said that if I failed a drug test then I would be illegible for sports for 365 days. It also said that if I got any kind of suspension that that would also break the contract and I would be illegible for sports. Does that mean that if I get suspended they wont drug test me since the contract would have been broken? And lastly, I get drug tested every month on the 28th. Is there any way I could smoke and have it leave my system in that time frame. I run almost a mile everyday for tennis btw. I dont know if that would make the thc leave my system quicker or not.
  2. if you smoked like the day you were tested or maybe the day after you could probably make it. any more than that is asking for trouble IMO
  3. smoke on the 29th-2nd, then stop! only smoke once during that time. if tennis is really important to you, just stop smoking.
  4. Your clearly underage.

  5. You can be 18 and in high school. I'm sure you probably were, I was.
  6. bro i would say fuck school tennis and find like a club or something to play with instead. so u can smoke and play and compete
  7. Ineligible*

    Do you go to a public high school?
  8. I highly doubt he is underage as minors cant enter into contracts.
  9. You could always just use fake urine if they arent trying to be in the bathroom with you or stare at your dick.
  10. well what do you like to do more: play tennis or smoke weed. I personally would say fuck school and smoke and not do any sports or shit likke that lol
  11. all sports have contracts that say if your failing classes you cant play or if you miss practice you cant play

  12. All things considered, he probably wouldn't be concerned about a year-long probation and drug screenings, or a year long ban for school sports if he were a senior.

    And his question would especially not involve summer break in the middle of his probation.
  13. if smoking and sports collide then i think its time to pick one over the other for a while
  14. Invest in one of those fake dicks and get a clean friend to supply you with piss... Problem solved.
  15. I honestly don't give a fuck about the ban from sports or failing the drug test but I would probably get kicked out if my mom found out I smoked again

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