School got me hooked on Red Bull. Anyone else?

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    So I never drank any Red Bull or any other energy drink prior to a week or 2 ago.  I was going to my car after classes and I noticed these 2 college-aged girls outside next to a Red Bull car handing out free Red Bull to people.  I'm never one to turn down something free so I decided to go 2 minutes out of my way to get a can from them.

    I just got a can and went on my way.  Almost tried one of those "can I get an extra one for my friend?" but I didn't bother.  I just went on my way, laughing and thinking I'm never going to buy a Red Bull, too expensive, I'll just take this free one.
    Then I started sipping on it and was like wow this is really good.  I definitely felt a kick that lasted for a good amount of time.  I don't drink coffee so I  probably have a low tolerance to Caffeine.
    A couple days later I was feeling like a Red Bull would pick me up so I went out and bought one.  I feel like it lasted into the next day but then I crashed like midday and really felt tired.  Not sure if it had to do wit the drink or just the cold weather that has that affect on me.
    I haven't been drinking them too often and I'm not really hooked.  The last 2 days I didn't have one but I went out and bought 1 today.  They say they help focus and eye health, I definitely feel it's been true for me.
    Anyone else?
  2. Best tasting energy drink for me,but I would go with coffee for the "kick" way cheaper.Their the best with alcohol btw.
  3. Red bull is unmentionables is a can, I say this a proud RB addict. It's been about 5 years since I started drinking them on the regular, and they are still my favorite. Just finished my second 12 oz. can of the morning, actually. Pretty damn good, lol. :yay:
    I will say though, after awhile Red Bull gets to be one expensive fucking habit.
    jah!/ :smoking:
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    Yea I've just never liked Coffee and don't plan on becoming a coffee drinker anytime soon.  I did have an urge to start when I heard of why people liked to drink coffee. A successful friend of mine asked how I function without it.  Then I searched and found how coffee (caffeine) can help with alertness and other things.  Never bothered though.  I he Red Bull might be for me though.  Thought about mixing one with some vodka because it must taste good but haven't really had the urge.
    Anyway, I do have one of these Sodastream soda makers.  You make carbonated water with it and then mix in the soda syrup or whatever flavoring.  They have an Energy mix that is supposed to taste very similar to Red Bull.  I ordered enough to make 36L of it.  It is missing the supplement Taurine that is in Red Bull so I just ordered that online and I'll mix it in either before or after.  Waiting for the bottles of mix to come to see how much caffeine is in it, if I need more caffeine I'll order caffeine pills to add more.
    Then I'm going to compare to see if it has the same effect and close enough to the real thing.  I hope so because I will save a ton of money then.
  5. Damn.. I feel for your heart bro.

    Nah I don't mess with that shit, occasionally decent before a competitive game of 5's or prior to biking the trails but haven't had any sort of mega caffeine boost in a can for months. Stick with coffee for the perk up, although even then its not often these days as really trying to limit caffeine.

    Wonder what it'll be like in 20/30 years when we can see what the long term effects of these uber caffeinated drinks have had on the health of frequent and long term drinkers. We just don't know right now
  6. second 12oz can already?? haha that's nuts.  I'm new to this though so I've only been buying the 8oz can.  I was going to wait until after dinner but it's about time to crack one already.
    I'll report back on how the Sodastream works for me.  It may be worth your while.  I already had it and it was a failed investment until I started drinking the Red Bulls.  Hopefully it can replicate the taste and effects of Red Bull and save me lots of money.
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    There's less caffeine in Red Bull then there is in a cup of coffee.  Most people will drink more than an 8oz cup of  coffee in a day too.  There's a lot of sugar in Red Bull but there is also a Sugar Free version too so that's not an issue.
    Everything in moderation.  Someone who drinks too much of the regular version would probably be getting too much sugar, could later suffer from diabetes and obesity.  We're seeing that already from all the Soda and junk that is being consumed regularly and people are not exercising enough. There's no difference except the person drinking Red Bull might not be just sitting at home with a big bag of chips and a bottle of coke not engaging themselves in any physical activity.
    There is caffeine rehab for people hooked on caffeine from drinking too much coffee. No difference at all.  It's not like these energy drinks are introducing some new chemical into our bodies or introducing so much more of something that are bodies are not used to or can't handle.
  8. No.

    You got you hooked on redbull

    you just willingly do something several times before it becomes a compulsive habit (addiction)

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    Not to bash but I don't fuck with energy drinks. I have a buddy that LIVES on em. Them shits aren't good for ya.

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  10. diet coke and red bull > food
    I blame college
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  12. I'm not hooked or addicted to anything.  I like it and first time I had it was at school.  I thought it was cool..I just wanted to fit in...
  13. I was really hooked on Ole Glory last summer. Im a farmhand so my days is 50 percent labor and 50 percent heavy equipment operation. So its rough without caffeine. 
    Anyway Id buy them cause they were a buck and id drink about 5 a day for a while there. 
    Chilled back, just a cup of coffee now to start the day. Healthier and cheaper. 
    Theyre good in moderation, but too much and your kidneys die 
  14. I pretty munched stopped drinking energy drinks for the boost. Now the o it time I get a red but is or a chaser for my Remy Martin
  15. sure, they're good. but like anything else in life, moderation is key. if you drink them too often, you won't actually get the pick up that you get now. i'd know... i went from one monster a day to three or four when i was at the height of my caffeine trip haha 
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    caffeine is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet.

     Excessive red-bull consumption can cause fatal liver damage.
  17. quit being a pussy and slam a Monster! 16Oz, 180mg/caffeine per can with a month supply of B-vitamins. i like Monster original but the Monster brand has a bigger variety of flavors. Red Bull was the first energy drink i ever had though. 
    also Red Bull is the only thing that makes Jagermeister tolerable.
  18. red bull tastes like A giant vitamin-C tablet pissed in a can..  I honestly cannot stand the flavor.
  19. Yeah energy drinks are garbage for health. There are organic ones though. If I need enough caffeine to get me sharp in the morning, a cup of organic green tea will do it. If I need to be wide awake, two cups of green tea will do it. 1 cup of coffee makes me jittery, goes overboard of two cups of green tea.
    Uh… title says otherwise...

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