School Busts

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kristoperobin1, May 15, 2002.

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  1. Today was the sketchyest day ever. For some reason we had a dog run thru are school. Knobody knew why since we rarley get the dog sicked on us. it searched the lockers and busted a fuew people there, then they searched the gym lockers (the only period you cant hold onto your stash) and busted a couple of my friends! DAMNIT

    So everyone says why where the dogs called?!?!

    well lets just say a little someone (ME) was smoking in multipe bathrooms and manny people were smelling it. SHIT! But i guess its cool since \"I\" didnt get cought. To bad for my homies. It sucs though cus this means not bringing my stash to school nomore. God, dont you hate thoes little fucks who fuck it up for the rest! HEHEHE PeachOut

  2. no offense man...but if i got busted and found out it was you id get those other guys and jump you.
  3. yeah man...fuckin prick

    i dont think its very funny you fucked up a bunch of kids lives and all you can do is laugh about it
  4. How about being more responsible and waiting 6 hours until you get home to light up?
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