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School Busts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kristoperobin1, May 15, 2002.

  1. Today was the sketchyest day ever. For some reason we had a dog run thru are school. Knobody knew why since we rarley get the dog sicked on us. it searched the lockers and busted a fuew people there, then they searched the gym lockers (the only period you cant hold onto your stash) and busted a couple of my friends! DAMNIT

    So everyone says why where the dogs called?!?!

    well lets just say a little someone (ME) was smoking in multipe bathrooms and manny people were smelling it. SHIT! But i guess its cool since "I" didnt get cought. To bad for my homies. It sucs though cus this means not bringing my stash to school nomore. God, dont you hate thoes little fucks who fuck it up for the rest! HEHEHE PeachOut

  2. That's not cool. Smoking in school is dumb first of all. Can't you just smoke before and skip a period or wait 5 hours?
  3. its 8 hours, and yes somtimes i do wait. Its just recently the poe poe started coming to our highschool. yeah its not the first bust ever its just that our community turn there backs on much of the drugs that goes around. so of corse some kids take advantage (me). but i dont give a shit cus now i do half to just wait 8 hours and now i cant bring shit to school. but i'd never take back thoes fun days in school that just seemed like minutes (Peace Out)

  4. Its little shits with bad egos that give the rest of us smokers a bad reputation.
  5. Judging by your spelling and grammar, you should spend more time IN class...
  6. It's not smart to bring that shit into school! I know of a couple friends who were bringin their pipes and dugouts with them into school with a couple bags. They would store it in their lockers and backpacks. Till that one day when a dog came to school and went ape-shit on one of them.

    I never bring my shit into places like that. I'll keep it in my car but thats as far as I go when it comes to school property. Although I have a 20min drive to school and back from school. So I take advantage and toke it up then!
  7. Well i'm typing this message from school, and i brang my shit annyway.(and smoked some) ITS NOT COOL TO SMOKE IN SCHOOL? well smoking isnt "cool" annyways, its fun. And if i do get cought it will be my fault (Of corse). Would i be in alot of trouble if i do get cought???
    no. i wouldnt. Yah i'd get harrased, my rights violated and i would be rejected to have a lawyer pressent. What i dont get college grants? darn, i wanted to go sooo bad!... And my parents, the'll probly kill me for smoking there stash. And cops dont scare me. its not like they can hit me (hope not). The'll just take me to my favorite place (JDC) and introduce me to all of my friends so that they can hook me up whith vikes(The high is much like pot and some low quality acid trip). So i guess i'll keep smokin, and you haters can keep haten. beacuse i dont give a fnck. You might think that its bad to smoke pot in school. Well some think its bad to smoke at all. so i guess we all half to except are diffrences and LEGALIZE 4 EVERYONE!(Including infants & Featus)

    L8er all (Peace Out)


  8. YUP! say it again BPP, say it again!!

  9. the parent are to blame for the lack of respect kids show.
    a good ass kicking always works for P.W.A's

    P.W.A's- Punks with attitudes

  10. Yeah that works till one day yur kid gets fed up and shoots up his school or his parents or he blows up a building, n' crash's into a building whith a plane... Well if beating the shit out of people is okay then why not blow up a skyscraper? where does it stop?
  11. Hmm, if you do have to bring your stash to school, you should hold it on your person, instead of in your locker.

    That way unless you are a dumbass and gets in serious trouble, they won't find it.
  12. yup i know how they work... They try to skrew me when i go to gym and have no way of bringing it along. but if there is a will there is a way.
  13. Well, they never did that dog shit in my school... and without joking in the slightest bit, if they did, half the school would be caught (and I reall ymean half the school!).

    They, for like 2 month, were busting people.. proabbyl like 50 kids or so this year. Lets just sayy, they pretty much gave up... and 90% of the teachers know that so many people do it, and just dont give a shit.

  14. Yup. Are school isnt quite that bad. but unuf to cause a stir. are school is filled whith places to smoke (like just about anny other highschool) so alota ppl smoke here
  15. lol i hope u do get'll be wut u deserve for being such a dumbass....u were warned....
  16. Atta girl!! lol, A picture DOES say more than words!! lol

    If you are so selfish that you don't care your friends were busted because of YOU token in a foolish place, don't whine about the risk you're taking!
  17. i was wondering how many times you been to jail it seems like you been there a couple times and if you havent you dont want to go there trust me its not a playground
  18. JDC shure the fuck is... jail mite be a pain in the ass but the place where teens go is a playground. + its school work is easy

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