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School and Smoking. questions and nervousness

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WakeNBak3, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Ok well i plan on smoking and going to school. I heard people say that they are brillant when they smoke and go to school. IM no quite so sure. im really smart as it is and i dont want to fuck something up. so i have some questions,

    1. can i get in trouble if im high in school but have NOTHING on me? could they prove im high?

    2.when/if you went to school high how was it?

    3. any overall tips?

    thanks alot
  2. 1. No, you cant get in trouble, just keep your eyes wide open, speak clearly and dont stumble, do some stretches after smoking and regain some balance.
    2. Pretty good, unless i get a suprise test, but i dont think tahst happened yet(maybe it has, but it was a while ago).
    3. Brsuh your teeth after smoking, groom yourself so you dont look stoned, maybe splash some cold water on your face right after smoking before you leave your house to refresh yourself, use eyedrops, and DO NOT(*Very important*) tell anyone you are high unless they are good friends who you regularly smoke with. Keep shit to yourself and no one will have a reason to suspect anything. Listen to some music to chill yourself out, and DO NOT feel paranoid.

    Have fun bro
  3. Yeah I agree with diesel. Never tell anyone. I have made that mistake before, and you will get all manner of assholes trying to "trip" you out with stupid games. I've had people run their hands like spiders over my back and go "oh watch out for spiders" and others who like to try to test my reflexes. Its a really bad buzzkill.
  4. im doing it tommorow. 1st block i have an A in. 2nd block is gym and health. 3rd is math and i have a low b high C. i hat fucking math. and btw its alegbra 2 so get off my nuts. and 4th bloick i have english. WHICH IS A COMPLETET JOKE. so wish me luck.
  5. i go to school high every day... greatest joy.. first period i have math- that might explain my grade.. but i still love being stonned in the building. looking at every one.. its just a good time. good luck
  6. I smoke on my half hour drive to my college, and always go to class fairly blazed. I always have clear eyes and mints, but that's about it since I'm not smoking a blunt or something. DO NOT get paranoid. DO NOT think everyone knows, because there is no way (and the only people that do know are the people who won't care). If this is high school, make sure you're careful to not say anything about it and generally don't bring it on your school grounds (i.e. smoke a joint or a small blunt if you can handle that and still be coherent). If you see your grades start to suffer because of inattentiveness or forgetting things, then you should probably stop.
  7. 1. You could get in trouble, it all depends on where you go. At my school I get expelled but thats high school. Idk if you go to college or not.
    2. I've waken baked before school, smoked at lunch and it was pretty good. It gets the paranoia going for sure.
    3. Put eyedrops in, get mints to hide your breath. Dont look like someone who would be high. Be anonymous and be low key
  8. Hmm, well, on the occasion i got high before school, i would be sober by my 2nd class, each class is almost 2 hours
  9. 1: Yes, you can get in trouble for coming to school high. Just as you can get in trouble for coming to school Drunk. Some schools can even drug test you if they suspect - look it up. But just be cool, use some eye drops and dont act like a dumb ass.

    2: When I was in High School and College, I pretty much went to class stoned all the time. Its cool. Just remeber you still got to get your shit done.

    3: Be careful, dont keep anything on you at school. Use some cologne (or fabreeeze), and eye drops. And WASH your HANDS after you smoke - one of the biggest part of you that smell is your hands!
  10. yes u can be get in trouble for being high at school depending where you live, back in idaho i got in trouble for being high at school cause there aloud to drug test you, depends on your location.

    o btw i didnt have any thing on me just fuggin dirty

    o yea and people will try and do the most retarded thing to tirp you out,

    i used to go to all my finals high and only failed 1 math exam cause i cant do math and shit haha.
  11. i usually pay better attention when i am high at class.. i take better notes too. But i also only get high before class when i know that all i will be doing is listening to a lecture or something.

    Also, you sound like you're 15. Especially the part where you say "btw it's algebra 2 so get off my nuts"

    I think i was 15 when i took that... 10th grade
  12. oo and if u wanna sleep in school, shwag it!
  13. 1. Well unless you are acting completely dumb, they wouldn't have anything on you. The worst that would happen is that they send you to detention or whatever, because I doubt they would jump to the conclusion that you're high.

    2. I did really well. One time, I actually got the highest score on a test out of everyone in the school that took it. I'd say that's close to one hundred or more kids.

    3. Just be chill and enjoy it. Keep it on the low though.
  14. I went through school and never got caught with anything. It was only for my senior and when I started smoking at the end of junior year.

    But just for some quick advise, get to know your school before it gets to know you. Learn certain things about it (how often dogs come, how much of a problem it is in the school, etc.). And get to know your peers, make sure the right people know the right things and someone who doesn't know what's up doesn't get too much info.

    1. just act sober (easy after a while)
    2. would wake and bake or skip lunch and blaze, it was fun just be careful (I have seriously laughed my ass off in class when we were reading, it's not fun, but the teacher was cool)
    3. don't take anything on you in school or around school (at my school the ass. principal can search you legally at school and like 100 yards from school)
  15. dont bring bud to school. ever. they have a right to search u to w/e extent they want as long as ur on school grounds (at least in the US)

    just have eyedrops and keep to yourself and tell no one. you never know who could be a rat
  16. i smoked before school every day my senior year and skipped lunch everyday to smoke. you'll be fine as long as you cover up after yourself and NEVER SMOKE ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. PERIOD.

    also, don't keep shit on you if you're going to school. being high in school is chill though as long as you're clean
  17. Heh, I would use eye drops just in case, but even when I went in without it, people didn't know a thing.
  18. i don't know about high school, so here's college:

    1) your professor probably doesn't care, just don't be so stoned that you offend them and lose their respect because that shit shows up in your final grade. your fellow students don't care - hell, they might be stoned themselves.

    2) i'd never, ever go to a math or science class stoned because i forget how to add whole numbers, much less do calculus. liberal arts classes are awesome as hell, idk why but i love history lectures when i'm stoned.

    3) if you smoke in the dorm, use a spoof, a fan and an open window. otherwise, it's pretty easy to be stoned whenever the hell you want.
  19. I go stoned everyday, just make sure you can hold your shit and it'll be all good.
  20. Don't tell ANYONE. Just chill, it might be weird at first but you'll get comfortable after awhile. also remember too just act yourself. your stoned self haha

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