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School and Being High at it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dachrons, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Im not a fan first of all it doesnt seem much different to me... And second today i went blazed like seriously fucking blazed out my mind. I get to school and I start getting buzz killed like i can feel myself getting lower until all that remained was a splitting headache that remained the rest of the day and it was so bad i couldnt eat my lunch :mad:
  2. haha thats ridiculous

    i always curse myself each morning for burning before school cause im always paranoid

    but i always do it anyways

    its funny
  3. ya see, the trick is to blaze again.
  4. i smoke a bowl bout 3 out of the 5 school days on my mornin drive... i mean i just close my eyes in 1st period cuz il be so tired and buzzin hard... wears off end of 2nd hour
  5. this has happened to me before too. not to the extent that i couldn't eat and it was one of the first times i had ever come to school high. now its no big deal
  6. It's cool but taking a test high is awful. And there are definitely other things I'd rather be doing when I'm blazed than being at school.
  7. haha, i always was in school high, so much better, i can do my work better also
  8. dude i was stoned out of my mind on finals of senior year and i went soo blazed, i got like a 97% on my calculus test. And it sounds like you smoked the wrong kind of buds before you went to classes. Upgrade or dont blaze before class bro
  9. damn bro i might have to try this^^ i epicfailed my calc test last week. it seems like i can grasp my calc hw better when im high anyway.
  10. All I gotta say is, chill out bro! When I was a senior, I skipped lunch every day the last 6 weeks of school to go smoke riding with my 2 buddies. We always went to our next class baked to hell (one of them had a different class, though), and all the kids found it hilarious cause we fucked up when we had to read a paragraph since it was American Literature :D I remember one day specifically, it started to fucking pour rain, so we had to hotbox like 6 bowls of dank...and all my friend had was some damn woman's perfume to cover the smell. Well, I guess the smell was worse than we thought...everyone said we smelled like an Amsterdam whorehouse, which made it more hilarious.

    I'd say keep doing it until you're used to it. It's not like kids are going to get pissed you're stoned. If a teacher asks why your eyes are red or whatever, just say you didn't get a lot of sleep.
  11. maybe a good sativa strain like haze would be better for school i dont know the strain name my friend said its lemon phucker it feels like indica cause i get mad tired its jus covered in trichomes so no upgrade is neeeded i just preffer saving my weed for when i get home:smoking:
  12. ever heard the song Smokin' In The Boys Room? sploofs and small pipes are great tools for that BTW...
  13. i love it really helps my ADD since my rents dont believe in it and wont pay for a psychiatrist so i can get aderol. but who needs meds when u got weed!
  14. if i go to school high i get blown so im high the whole day
  15. O yea son every morning before geometry its helping me quite a bit on quizes. lol
  16. #16 Fitty, Mar 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2010
    I do it every once in awhile but it's easy for me and my friends cause we all go in around 1030 and have a really easy business class for two periods. It's always pretty fun
  17. it enlightened me to how fun ap economics is lmao
  18. i started smoking after high school, but before college. it is going to be interesting being an active smoker and going to school for the first time.
  19. Haha word. I used to go to AP econ high as fuck almost every day. It made things way more interesting and entertaining than it actually was. Plus my teacher was balding and I got a kick out of looking at his head every 10 seconds. :hello:

    The only thing though, was that my tolerance grew and my high only started to last till the end of the first period that I was high for. And we didn't have time at my highschool to roast more than 2 or 3 bowls.
  20. I always go to class high. It's just easier, I pay more attention, and I see how things work better. When I'm not high, I'm just bored as hell and trying to waste time. High, I think the teacher is saying some profound shit so I listen. Plus it's just awesome to chill with friends when there's nothing going down in class, and just chill and be stoned. Paranoia is never really a concern on campus. Everyone is pretty high.

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