Scholarships given to illegal immigrants.

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  1. California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants - Yahoo! News

    i just wanted to hear what everyone else has to think of this... personally, i think its total bullshit. our schools in california are suffering like none other already, budget cuts happening every year and tuition just keeps going up.

    so while were in this financial abyss... our genius governor jerry brown decides its a good idea to hand out more money that we dont have, and dig our schools into a deeper hole... and rewarding those ILLEGAL immigrants for slipping through the system. Fuck him.
    give it to the people who are citizens... theres tons of deserving kids in california who need a scholarship but wont get it... instead, were giving it to the people who are currently breaking the law. thats good. reward those who dont abide by the system. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    im convinced our state is controlled by some true fucking retards.

    i have no problem with sharing the wealth... but currently, there is NO wealth to be shared... were in a huge financial hole. if we had that overflowing wealth, then of course! help out the less fortunate, im all for it... but this...
    just... ugh.. SMH...


    opinions? lets hear some liberals tell me how this is a good idea.
  2. Back in the year 1300 we had farms and no such thing as school was ever heard or thought of and we did just fine
  3. if only we were in the 1300s ;)
  4. Ahh yes, the Dark Ages. What a wonderful time...
  5. yes dude that is forreal bullshit. maybe if a non-profit organization collected money for scholarships for immigrants who LEGALLY came to this country like thousands (im sure there are more) do on a yearly basis. America is great, and people flock from around the world to have a change at a good life here, but to do it illegally and get rewarded with scholarships? doesn't make a whole lot of sense. are these scholarships funded with tax payer dollars?
  6. Bro 1300s was the dark ages. And I'm pretty sure we were NOT doing just fine in that era
  7. Yo, I don't see the problem, the ones that actually Do get the scholarship deserve it. They would never have a chance at good education being in that shitty country.

  8. apparently
  9. "Illegal" immigrants are only illegal for the same reason that Cannabis is. Because of federal laws that don't make sense/don't work/just propagate a massive waste of time and money and threaten all of our freedom.

    Immigration laws are just a form of prohibition. And prohibition doesn't work.

    Might as well say "I don't have a problem with people getting fucked up, but if you want to do it, do it legally - drink alcohol."

    I gather by everyone posting in this thread's membership of this forum, that they don't subscribe to the "it's OK to get fucked up, just do it legally" argument.

    Why is it OK for you to ignore Cannabis prohibition laws, but not for someone else to ignore the laws they chose to ingore?
  10. Its bullshit. it makes no sense. but these days that seems to be the underlying trend.

    Hey, lets give them more incentive to illegally cross over into america and drain our resources further :)
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    If 1-3% of scholarships go to illegal students, and the rest go to US citizens, then I don't see the problem..

  12. That shouldnt be our problem.

    Its not my fault they were born in a fucked up country. But them coming over to america and using our system that they dont pay for but reaping all of the benefits, that will come home to roost and become our problem.

    You know how many hard working, taxing paying, smart individuals i know that cannot get higher education just because they cant afford the tuition?

    How fair is that? These people that bust their balls, follow the rules, pay taxes, cant get government assistance or college grants but the foriegners who break the law to get into the country and reap all the benefits of welfare and healthcare system but dont contribute- they get free money for college?

    THIS is why our country is in decline. We are 90% populated by people who used 10% of their brains. we have become far to worried about being polite and PC.
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    #1: thats a whole 'nother issue

    #2: i'm abiding by my states' cannabis laws (i have my MMJ rec), so that's irrelevant to me. we're talking about state laws here, not federal.
  14. I can't get a scholarship, but an illegal can? Awesome....

  15. the problem is they are ILLEGAL. they dont belong in the country, let alone in our colleges. "oh, 3 percent isnt much, its okay"

    The word gets out that america lets you in without punishment, AND you get free schooling.

    Then 5 years it doubles into 6% because we allow that first precedent. It leap frogs into an issue that we cant manage.

    Fuck any other country that isnt America. Once we start caring about foreigners more than we do our own citizens, we are in trouble.
  16. An educated illegal immigrant is surely a bigger asset to society than an uneducated illegal immigrant.
    If they are capable of gaining a qualification through education then they are capable of contributing to society both financially and in other ways...

    And all your asses came from asses that were immigrant asses at some stage unless you happen to be a Native American so don't be calling the kettle black...:)
  17. Its a SCHOLARSHIP!!

    Not fucken Financial Aid. That'd be a much different issue.

    A scholarship is something given to you because you earned it. Through sports, academics, etc.
  18. As if you're making GREAT use of "our resources".

    Laughable post at best dude. I cant see you, all the way up on that high horse...

  19. so for the first 5 years that they reap all the benefits and give nothing back to society.... the tax payers are supposed to suck it up? no thanks. they can do it the RIGHT way. not illegally, then given some pity scholarship for doing nothing except break the law.
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    those "illegals" that are getting scholarships are TEENS and young adults. That means most of them were brought along with their parents. so depriving them of things when they had no say in where they were going seems a little twisted in a way...yeah sure theyre illegal...but theyre mostly honest people just trying to stay alive basically cant really hate a nigggga for that. man ive met illegals and a good amount of them almost lost their lives coming here so as long as theyre not dirty ass rats i respect those people...remember its KIDS trying to better their FUTURE while dealing with all the shit thats HANDED to them. they didnt choose to be illegals you know they probably came to the U.S. as kids since they have to be in high school for 3 years to qualify

    lol the people saying "they can do it legally"...yeah lets go do it fuckin legally bro! only it might take 15 years... maybe we should find a better system than just sayin some shit like that. and even if we had a better system people would start to complain of too many "legal immigrants"...people dont even know what the fuck they want anymore so im just showin some real

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