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  1. Thanks very much for the information guys!
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  2. I've made Brass's coconut oil caps and they are extremely powerful, but I prefer rso over everything. You can use it to make your butter too! For me, a rice sized bit of rso per capsule is perfect so if you use a stick of butter, use maybe 3-4ml of rso melted into it like SoCo said. Be careful testing it. It can be extremely potent. My friend made butter with 2ml of my rso, then made a dozen chocolate chips cookies and they were delicious and got everyone high as hell. No one even sparked a joint that night! 1 cookie was per person was plenty! Let us know how you do!
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  3. damn now i have to meet expectations?! uh oh... LOL

    We trim tomorrow!

    Nov 8th:

    SnS remain in darkness...


    Little ones are halfway through week 2 of flower. Tallest colas are 23" tall now, 2 colas were supercropped tonight.

    20181108_200745.jpg 20181108_200754.jpg
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  4. Ill be trimming on Saturday. Lots of beauties coming down this week on GC!!!

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  5. i'll smoke to that! :smoke:
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  6. Ain't it the truth? Seems like lots of harvesting going on this month! (And my birthday was last week) Haa!
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    Man you better get a handle on those and start training those babies to stay low or you will have a scorch yard up by the lights. Excellent bottom defol to make big colas, but they're gonna blast off in the next few weeks! I didn't know they were so tall. Spread that stuff out to the sides bro. Use some wire or string hooked to the pots to pull the branches down. Serene Sounds of Metallica! Haa!
  8. Dude I just ordered some Sage N Sour beans from TH Seeds. I'm all about sativas and after researching them and watching yours, I gotta try some!
  9. I plan on it as soon as I can get them into the 2x4 tent Friday night!

    Thought you might like that pic schplakken :)

    That's high praise,thank you! I bet you could get them to gargantuan sizes! I ran out of space lol.
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    I'm a metal guy and Metallica has been my favorite since '84. I saw a guy wearing a 'Kill Em All' t-shirt in Pasadena and got the record that day! This song defines Metallica for me. It's from 'Master Of Puppets'. The composition and intensity kicks my ass. I can play quite a few Metallica songs, but this one epitomizes them all. 'Disposable Heroes'. Crank it up!
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  11. O Yeah, Schmucker Bro! Mine will be pounders. The Haze strains are my favorite and this one looks like a winner in your tent! My thing with Haze is the clear headed quality of the high and the large yields. They can be a little tricky because the grow is long, but we're working on it! Haa!
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    Nov 9th - Chopped and Trimmed the 3 Sage'n'Sour:

    Total output of 3 plants was 60 oz wet!!! If the same ratio applies from my white widow, that means 60 oz should yield around 10 oz dry - so we'll see!

    20181109_214318.jpg 20181109_215650.jpg 20181110_001149.jpg 20181110_001220.jpg

    Some of the big girls (there was a lot to trim so I didn't stop for a lot of pictures here)
    20181109_224018.jpg 20181109_224023.jpg 20181109_224608.jpg 20181110_011445.jpg

    The Aftermath:
    20181110_012408.jpg 20181110_012919.jpg

    Quietly resting in their bed for the night :) 20181110_012826.jpg 20181110_012808.jpg 20181110_012804.jpg

    Thanks for looking!
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  13. Fukin A bro! Nice haul! 3 zips per plant ain't bad. You gonna smoke that? Be careful because you might feel a bit of euphoria and happiness! Haa!
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  14. Some shots from tonight. Not too impressive but still working on it! The cool part is that this will become RSO medicine to combat pain, cancer, seizures and maybe other life threatening problems. All of my patients have pain relief and reduction in use of fukin poisonous pills, chemo and radiation. We can beat cancer with this plant. My mom lost a breast to cancer and if I had made RSO sooner, I might have prevented that. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Lol thank you! I think we will probably try an oz or two as oil or butter.

    Gonna put my butter in a vacuum seal bag with all the trim and gonna put it in my sous vide cooker later today and see how we do!
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  16. is that an irrigation system ?
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  17. Yep!
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