schizophrenic symptoms for 24hours aftering vaping

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    i vaped 24hours ago and had severe schizo symptoms. felt like I was lost in my own mind and the real world was a film. felt like my brain was bleeding. then after 24hours I started to feel chill and relaxed.

    not sure what to do,
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  2. Lmao u just had a bad trip don't worry

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  3. Sounds like you are probably in the early stages of a dissociative mental illness, marijuana seems to activate it in some people. I'd tell your doc asap. Good luck.
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  4. Keep an eye on that one , I've heard marijuana can magnify the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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  5. My friend has schizophrenia whenever he smoked weed he'd be fine while smoking up then 4-7 weeks later he'd have a breakdown and get put in a mental institute until he was better, he eventually moved onto harder drugs and now he's completely lost the plot.
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