Schizophrenia, its real...

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  1. So im just now realizing that I think I just may have a slight case of paranoid schizophrenia.

    Nothing like...crazy like you usually hear about it, but just slightly. I read up about it and I fit the bill on some things.


    For the past 2 months I believed that my breath smelled. I noticed subtle body movements in ppl around me and for one reason or another thought it was because of me. I asked my family members many times and they said it was fine. Finally today, I asked 3 of my good friends (all separate times) if it did and to be honest and "im a big boy I can take a hit haha". They all firmly said "No" I continued to try to get them to admit it but they just kept replying with answer like "Your fine man idk why you think it smells but its never smelled bad at all."

    I sometimes talk to myself. Not in like...the crazy way...idk how to explain it. In that thread "Things nobody knows you do...until now" or somethign like that, ALOT of gc members said they talk to themselves. Which is making me wonder if pot causes schizophrenia more commonly than we think (not bashing it AT ALL. I will never EVER take a negative stance on mj. I love it and will continue to smoke it till the day I die).

    There are other things high...cant really remember em. But those are the main two.

    I prob sound like a crazy person...i'll be going now..
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    I know what you mean bro, but i dont think you dont have schizophrenia at all. I was smoking every day and i noticed how i was thinking like a schizophrenic, i was putting together unnecessary puzzles, i talked to myself aLOT, i fit all the symptoms for paranoid schizophrenia, thats when i decided to take a break and see if it got worse and was for real, or if it calmed down once i stopped smoking so much bud. So im on month 3 and luckily it toned down, i still think a little like i did then, but its definitely not as bad as i was thinking it was before, i suggest taking a small break like i did to see if it tones down or gets worse and seeing what you should do about your bud habit. I honestly believe it was the bud bringing out what little schizophrenia i had in me, i guess it was smoking daily for as long as i was that was doing it
  3. Thank you. I admit...i was freakin out a little haha. Cause lets be honest, nobody WANTS to think they have some weird thing wrong with em. Its definitely just the bud I think, and i'll be honest...the break prob wont happen unless it progresses.
  4. I believe the most of us talk to ourselves.
  5. you are just paranoid because of the weed. and you are paranoid that you are a paranoid schizophrenic because of the weed lol
  6. Go see a doctor about it, dude.

    I could go on WebMD right now and probably find 300 diseases that I "may" have because of the symptoms.

    Sounds to me like you just might have a bit of social anxiety or something.

    Talking to yourself doesn't mean shit. I talk to myself all the damned time, and I'm not schizophrenic.
    My dad talks to himself all the time too and he's Mr. Sober-Upstanding-American-Citizen. :p

    Trying to diagnose yourself is only going to cause you more harm than good. Relax and go see a doctor about it. ;)
  7. ^if he sees a doctor i think the only thing that's going to happen is unless he tells him he smokes bud, hes going to get diagnosed with it, and if he does tell him he smokes, hes going to tell him to drop it completely cause it's the reason for his schizophrenia
  8. all those people that said they talked to themselves in the other thread were hopefully just stoned jokesters

  9. You think he's going to get diagnosed with schizophrenia because he smokes weed? :confused:
    What kinda crappy doctors have you been seeing? :p

    I think he should go consult a psychologist or something. A psychiatrist may just try to prescribe you something, but a psychologist should actually listen to your problems and give you a pretty good analysis.

    I've had plenty of friends go to psychologists/psychiatrists before and most of them have had pretty good experiences being able to talk about the fact that they smoke and such without being judged for it or diagnosed with schizophrenia right off the bat because of it. :poke:
  10. I talk to myself all the time but the words are like sustained frequencies and for some reason I keep on saying the words at different pitches. This usually happens when I play guitar.

    Can anyone help me?:(
  11. i dont think smoking weed everyday is good for the brain... :confused_2:

    since you said your gonna smoke everyday till you die.. i dont know what to tell you.

    try not smoking everyday and see the vast benefits......

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