Schizophrenia And Smoking

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    My friend has schizophrenia and he used to chief a lot. He has been on meds for a while and I hadn't really noticed a difference from when I had last saw him. His parents don't want him smoking so I didn't want to give him any marijuana since I was unsure what would happen. He ended up getting weed anyways.
    So I met up with him a few days ago, and at first he was talking crazy shit, but he had a bowl with him and I had been against him smoking because he has schizophrenia and his parents think its better if he were to quit. 
    I ended up hitting the pipe because he had weed and I'm not going to take his weed from him or get him angry. My thought was, he already has a half ounce what the fuck can I do about it? nothing without pissing on someone. And that was not my plan. Eventually we headed to the store and the whole time there were no crazy thoughts and it was way more chill. He says that the weed makes him less crazy though there are some strains that he would prefer to have over others just because of the different effects they can have. Personally i liked the over all environment better when he smoked, no crazy rants or thoughts. He was more normal in my opinion.
    What do you guys think about smoking and schizophrenia?

  2. Schizophrenia isn't a simple thing. It really depends on the person and what kind they have. I know for me it doesn't really make it any "better" or "worse". If anything it just makes me turn it into something positive. 
    One person with schizo can smoke and be chill, then you have "That guy" and when he smokes he decides to go all crazy and shit. :cool:
  4. Two of my homies had about 5 other roommates in this house. One of them was a schizo, he was off his meds for weeks we could tell. We all insisted to get blazed and roll up a fat blunt.
    Everything was chill until we finished. My homies went to go cook, i stayed in the room with him playin Halo. Then he just got all fuckin loud speaking gibberish. I held in my laugh and went to kitchen to tell them. He got even louder and when my homie confronted him he said god came out from the ceiling and talked to him. He thought he was a prophet that could time warp and all that.

    About a week later that dude reported to his superiors, they found out he wasn't on his meds and piss tested him. He ratted out one of my homies, then a cop came by and he got hit with possession of paraphanelia.
    The schizo moved out a couple weeks later and never seen him since.
    But yeah weed and schizophrenia is a no no. Try to see first how he is on his meds, if that's a negative. Then stay away from him.
  5. Correct. It all depends on the person, the type of schizophrenia and also the strain of marijuana your hitting. Unfortunately we haven't covered schizophrenia much yet in school so I don't know much but that I do know :)
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    Old friend of mine has schizophrenia. He was a normal dude in highschool, liked to bmx, chill, play games. then when he started blazin all the time with us he became more and more inward slowly over time. became less joking about things, and would always make quick glances or would pace around a lot. Didn't think much of it at first, almost a year went by since i last seen him, i was going to a different school by that time. Well one day i went to his house, he was acting super paranoid and distressed about something but wouldn't explain what he was so anxious over. He nervously asked me how i'd been and as i was talking to him, every 10 seconds he'd get up, walk over to the window and check out the window - then go sit back down. he did this over and over for the next 10 minutes.
    when i finally asked him whats going on and if he where expecting someone. he gave me the most evil glare i have ever witnessed. he then got about two inches away from my face and just said "GET.OUT"
    i just shrugged and left. but as i was leaving he started mumbling something, almost sounded like he was speaking in tongues. i asked him what and he just starts throwing random shit at me. by the time im down the stairs trying to gtfo of there before i lose my cool, he starts throwing fucking boxes full of random stuff down the stairs at me. all while yelling in tounges and there's glass shattering and tumbling down the stairs.
    his mom looked just as confused and shocked as me. yelling at him "what has gotten into you?"
    i couldn't bare to feel that uncomfortable so i left just as his dad was getting home. but the look he gave me man, it was so sinister and evil. i don't necessarily believe in god or the devil. but he had looked like a demon came into his body and took him over.
    Literally a couple minutes before he was just asking me how i've been and all the sudden this look of pure hate washed over his face all from a simple question.
    his mom called me apologizing later that night and said that he had calmed down. and sure enough a couple weeks go by and i hear hes in an institution because he was walking down the street naked with his wrists slashed. speaking in tongues.
    i'm not saying weed is what caused this, cos that's bullshit. but he definitely did change when we'd smoke together. At first it was subtle, but after about a year or so he was full blown out of his damn mind. his poor family are the nicest people too, just feel so awful for them. he was such a nice guy and eventually over time he just became someone else.
    i still don't know what the fuck to think about it all.
  7. My friend has been smoking and is on his meds and he is the most sane I have seen him be. He literally is back to normal.
  8. Schizophrenia is bad. Don't get schizophrenia.  It's bad.
  9. My uncle has schizophrenia and lives in Florida. I went there a couple years ago and was hanging out, trying to have some sort of convo with him. So at one point he pulls out bud and a bowl, and looked at me, basically asking if I smoked. So since he had it i said light it up, we smoked it, then like 10-20 min after he started talking to himself and flipped out pretty much, seeing and hearing things and what not. It was really scary, honestly. Tried my best to calm him down but he flipped out on me. He's in his mid 30s and he eventually told me, when he calmed down, that it was his first time smoking since he got diagnosed with schizophrenia back when he was in his early 20s
  10. damn well my friend is literally back to him self and he is smoking heavily and taking meds. I think that the smoking isn't doing much bad, he had smoked off and on when he was coming down form psychosis and I think smoking made him chill out and not have as many delusions, and the meds obviously are doing what they are supposed to.  
  11. I'm schizotypal which means I have most symptoms without full on seeing/hearing things all the time. I do have auditory illusions (hearing things) from time to time. MJ always helps me more than it hurts, I think. The sedation is what we need, but the side effects of paranoia make it difficult to recommend to a schizo. If your anxiety comes down from a 8 to a 2, but your paranoia increases from a 6 to a 10 you're really no better off. Most schizos do weed like they do cigarettes and alcohol, and really any drug that brings you down and stops the symptoms. 
    So really, my advice is to get your friend on meds fast and stay the fuck away from them until they do! No joke.
  12. Really it's a case to case basis but the friend i had weed really helped him. I have psychotic tendencies from  bi polar and weed does nothing but good for me. The only way to know if it will help or not is to try it. If it has a bad effect i'd advise they stay far away from all drugs. Sometimes they just react horribly to it and it amplifies their symptoms. It's really fucking scary.
  13. I smoked with him once while he still was in a schizophrenic stage but he was on his meds. The meds hadn't started to fully work until now and he just started smoking about 2 weeks ago and seems much beter. I haven't had any paranoid conversations with him lately about crazy ideas and shit its like he turned back to normal. Weed never seemed to make things worse, it was either the same or better when he smoked because the smoking would distract him from his thoughts most of the time.
    I just think the idea that marijuana causes schizophrenia is totally invalid, I bet it effects others differently with schizophrenia but for sure not the cause.
  14. Weed can't cause it at all that's a myth. It can stir up underlying conditions but the fact is you had it before you smoked so it was going to come out eventually. Some people it doesn't manifest until their 20's.
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    My mom was a nurse and was doing fine until her mid 20s and then bam, Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

    I had my first panic attack when I was freaking out over if it was going to be the same situation for me.

    Luckily I'm 22 and no symptoms so Im pretty sure that I'm good : )

    Schizophrenia is going to happen if it's in the persons genetics to be schizophrenic whether or not they smoke weed.

    I haven't done much research into how marijuana affects schizophrenia but my mom smokes and she's been doing fine for as long as I can remember. I guess as fine as she can be, anyway. She's kind of frantic all the time but she's my momma so it is what it is.

    I'm intrigued now.
  16. I would have beat his ass just to show him who's boss

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  17. I don't smoke anymore  because I get delusional psychotic type thoughts when I'm stoned.  Pretty sure if I kept smoking I'd be full blown bonkers by now.
    ......the voices told me too....
  18. It only helps me, but I am not in the psychosis state of schizophrenia, but it sure helps my primordial symptoms.  

    I have no personal experience from a split personality psychotic schizophrenic, so I won't speak on that issue. 

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