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  1. Does anyone else here have symptoms of being, think they are, or are diagnosed as schizophrenic?

    For quite some time now, since I was about 18-early 19 my life started going completely downhill. I'm now 20 years old, and it's a lot worse. For awhile I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I finally came to the conclusion that I have BPD that I've had since I was a child and schizophrenia. I have a gooood amount of symptoms of both. I just want to hear from others out their about their schizophrenia and how they deal with it and how they go about seeking treatment...and how life is after treatment.
  2. don't try to diagnose yourself... see a psychiatrist.
  3. Note: These are only assumptions and I understand that I might not definitively have 1 or either of them.
  4. Don't ride on assumptions... I have a friend with schizo and another with BPD. They're serious disorders and if you think you have them, seek treatment. I know my friends' lives would be a wreck without their medication.

    Be wary of antipsychotics though. They're practically the only treatment available for schizophrenia, but they're horrible drugs. Strong tranquilizers.
  5. Yeah man don't self diagnose. It's not cool.
    For some reason people these days seem to look at psychological disorders as a cool accessory, they aren't. And if you think you're schizo you should stop fucking smoking.
  6. Ok op here's what you need to do go to a few different md psychiatrists to make sure this is something you don't want to misdiagnose and if you think you have it quit drugs for while untell you find out for sure they can make it worse
  7. You havent given any details about your "systems" of both. You need to realize that everyone is different and there is not really a "normal". We all think and perceive information differently. I'm not saying you have/ don't have anything, but the medication you would be prescribed for this would completely alter you and your mind set. Unless you serious can't function in society I would try to overcome. There are always cases of extremes in which the medicine is more than likely worth it to the patient. If you feel you are having serious issues then seek a psychiatrist. Psychologist can't prescribe and is for generally healthy people. Get your yellowbook and start calling for a consultation

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