Schitzo episode last year.

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  1. So after 3 or 4 days of heavy drinking and only about 3-5 hours of sleep per night, I returned to my house and smoked a bowl.

    Everything was chill for a while, but about 2 bowls in I started hearing a voice in my head that was not my own. I started hearing my neighbor, a chick that lived up the street from me.

    The voice was trying to convince me that she was telepathic and actually talking to me. She (the voice) invited me over to her house, and I almost went until I realized how crazy all of this was.

    At one point I asked the voice to tell me what my next thought would be, and it would tell me, and boom about 10 seconds later id have the thought. I felt like I was tripping really hard.

    Eventually our thoughts syncronized and I heard my inner voice overlapped with hers. Shit started to freak me out.

    Anyway I went to bed and woke up fully realizing how dilusional I had been the night before.

    Haven't experienced anything like this before or since.

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  2. Jesus Christ lol. If it happens again see a shrink for sure.
    Could've been lack of sleep too.
    Good story, that's one for the grandkids :D :smoke:
  3. Lack of sleep and how hard I had been on my body the days before had something to do with it for sure.

    It worries me, that it also could be a sign that im prediposed to that afliction.

    Shit was crazy. It went on for several hours and eventually stopped. I didnt feel "normal" until the next day.

    Its crazy what the mind is capable of.

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  4. Only 1 percent of the population is schizophrenic.

    If you happen to be one of these people weed can trigger symptoms.

    Stress can also trigger symptoms usually during a person's early twenties.

    If your hearing voices you need to go to a professional and find the right meds that work for you. Once you find the right ones schizophrenia won't be a problem.

    and if you live in a medical marijuana state I would look into using cannabis CBD to treat your schizophrenia since the side effects to prescription drugs can be undesirable.
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    Thanks for the info. I will definately go see a doctor if I ever hear voices again. The thing that freaked me out the most, was how real I was convinced they were during the episode.

    I havent had anything quite that bad happen since, but sometimes at night before bed or when im laying in bed, ill have disturbed or mildly dilusional thinking. This happens only when im tired or stressed.

    Reality is only a feeble delicate construction of the mind.

    I live in the great medical (and now recreational) state of oregon.

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  6. I've been pretty positive that I had some sort of mental disorder before when I'd hear voices and things, went away after a while, and to be fair the while time I could differentiate reality from hallucinations, which schizophrenic people can't

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  7. I was dilusional. The hallucinations became my reality. Its hard to explain. I legitimately thought I was comunicating through telepathy.

    Thats the only time iv ever not been able to differentiate.

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    Dude no way!

    I would have totally went over to the chicks house and said"Bitch you playing mind games with me"

    Sounds like it had to do with lack of sleep, the alcohol, and the weed.Man why didn't you just say fuck it and go over there? Grow some balls bro lol jk jk.

    Thanks for the laugh.
  9. I was walking down the street to her house when it finally started to subside. I can only immagine how it would have ended if I actually knocked on the door. Haha

    It was fuckin trippy. We were talking about my deepest darkest secrets, and things I had regretted, and the voice was pretty accepting of me.

    God I try not to think about that night, but any more its pretty interesting to look back on in retrospect.

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  10. According to that new video that came out where the guy is describing aliens, they communicate telapathically. He said you would ask a question and here the own answer in your head. Could have been an alien fucking with you. Or could just be going a bit crazy.
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    ^^^ dont feed into my already dillusional thinking man.

    I wouldn't be surprised if telepathy were possible. I mean the telephone is already a rudimentary form of telepathy.

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  12. As long as you realize it was the weed, booze, and lack of sleep talking, then there is no issue, I had the same thing (With much different circumstances) but I never once concieved them as full fledged real after the trip. Just chill and relax homey, you have nothing wrong with you. 
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    I had a trip with some fun guys one night that ended up being a guilt trip.
    I was talking to myself in my head pretty much confessing to myself everything that was upsetting me in life/ about my self.
    This was after something bad happened prior with a buddy and my world came down hard on me.
    It was pretty fucking convincing at the time, so I wouldn't hold anything against you.
    It was like something was giving me a second chance but only if I confessed the entire truth to myself.
    A little more up to date than the telephone. This will blow your cranium to smithereens
  15. I dont think thats a good thing lol
  16. Haha any technology can and most likely will be abused

    Plus any thing that changes what it means to be human sounds like freaky, dystopian, futuristic, fuckery.

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  17. Im sure we will clumsily stumble upon something devastating soon.
    They have already proven quantum realities to be real.
    Plus they keep messing around with the hadron collider. Which is a particle accelerator they use to slam atoms together to make a black hole.
    Just human stuff.
  18. Yeah. We are pretty good at messing with things we know nothing about.

    They pretty much admitted there was a chance things could go horribly wrong with that.

    I mean the more energy we can utilize the more destruction we can cause.

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  19. So true, im curious about the affect other realities can have on ours.
    They say impact is a possibility and highly likely.

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