Schapelle Corby: Real Life Nightmare

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Max99, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. This is real life... and is harrowing and distressing.

    I recently found the following YouTube clip, released this week:

    See what I mean? It's like something from the middle ages: that poor poor girl. Talk about a show trial! Shocking.

    I researched more info (eg from: and it gets even worse. She is STILL there, with 16 years left (she won't last that long).

    She desperately needs help... she needs her story passing around (I guess that's why I am here).
  2. TRAGIC!!!
    I saw the documentary on HBO or SHO its Titled GANJA QUEEN. A must see. You can just suspect theirs something going on by the way they handle her so called "trial"

    but damn 20 YEARS!!!! for a fuckin plant?:confused: a HARMLESS plant!
  3. This shit is unbeleivable id like to go over there with a fucking gun and shoot every single one of them involved in putting her in jail for 20 years for NO reason other then greed. Really if I had the chance i would WORD
  4. You know, it gets even worse. She wrote a book, her story, on scraps of paper from her cell (it's on Amazon). Punishment (on the pretext of a cell phone in her cell)? Loss of remission. 20 years full.

    They won't transfer her to an Australian jail. And have threatened even worse. She's been in hospital with clincial depression and is now back in her cell on suicide watch.

    I feel sick when I think about it. Really sick.
  5. You all need to hear the background of her family, not many people in austrailia think she's inocent. She got set-up this time but I'm guessing its because they couldn't catch her fam all the other times. It wasn't just the qantas airport that lost all its survalenc footage but the ausi one also she was totaly set-up this time.
  6. That's how they've smeared her. Her family this her family that.... and the idiotic public buy into it and forget about the REALITY: the sickening show trial, the 20 YEARS, and the rest of the horror of it.

    The result is what we have: a poor woman suffering like this in a hell hole, whilst the world does nothing, year after year.

    And yes, the Qantas CCTV footage, which again would have showed her bag was empty when she left Australia... lost. Yeh, right. Every aspect of it stinks to high heaven.

    I just hope people will pass this around, and more and more decent people will try to do stuff to help her.
  7. Dont get wrong this chick got totaly boned but so would we if we were membrs of an international smuggling ring. Man there's photos of her and her sis out to dinner at a nice restraunt from a year ago, going to a beuty salon, and a dentist 2 times a month. I dont know about you but I couldnt buy my way out of jail regularly, I doubt she's suffering that bad. And the public is where the media got most of the info about her family. So you think the public is trying to fool the public and they are all idiots, am I missing anything.

  8. Please please please don't buy in to the smears. Do the work. Do the research.

    That picture was forged. Idiotic. I could have put together a better job. As if they let her out to dine. FFS man. Think about it.

    Beauty salon? She nearly died in her cell! She was in hosptial being treated for clinical depression and other stuff. Fact. The hospital tried to build some self esteem in her by taking her to the in-hospital salon. Enter the press, and people like you buying into the distortion. She was whisked back out of hospital to her cell because of the press, and is now on suicide watch.

    They print stuff like that to pander to anti-drug sentiment, and people believe it. This in turn has people arguing, just like you are now.

    Please think and research properly before you make posts based upon stuff like that, and hurting her even more. Loose words cost years: her years.
  9. Thats like some middle ages shit with the trial... that's really fucked up. Next bowl I smoke is for her...
  10. I don't know about this. I'm not gonna take either side, but what i was thinking if somone set her up that bad she must of done something to :cool:.

    I'm not saying she should be there but you never know the truth.
  11. She did it tho fo sho.
  12. She was happy in her life and they take her away to an evil place, in which depression is very common.
  13. I saw Ganja Queen.
    It's so screwed up.
    I feel so bad for her,
    especially because she didn't do it.
  14. I dont know about you, but something sketchy went down there. People dont randomlyput 4.5 keys in your bag in the shape of a boogie board. She didnt come from the cleanest of fams (brothers a fuck up, dad got booked for possesion way backin 70s, dads best friend and next door neighbour booked for growing). She may have not known about the weed but i can bet u that someone in her family did.
  15. Why don't you watch the video at the start of this thread? THAT is what happened. It's no good throwing muck at her family: the media have done enough of that (and her family are suffering too, remember).

    My opinion, for what its worth, is that her mistake was not bribing them when she was offered the chance. She foolishly thought she would get justice, just because she was innocent.

    It doesn't work like that in Indonesia. Try searching Google for 'Indonesia' and 'corruption'! It's ugly: really ugly.

    All that matters now is getting her out of there.
  16. This is nuts you dont just get framed for being a nobody and having no drug trafficking history, look at the facts she was set-up for a reason. The video at the begining of this thread is as much propoganda as anything else around this case in the media,muck,ha.
  17. My next joint goes to her. Man, watching that video i'm starting to appreciate living in America even more.
  18. The picture here is massive. The UNODC alone got $239 MILLION to hand out for 'drugs war' last year, and that's just one agency.

    It's a bit hard to qualify for a chunk of those billions of you have no major drug importation cases isn't it? Schapelle Corby was a case waiting to happen: if it wasn't her, they would have picked someone else. The probability is that they just picked the bag (which was clearly a westerner's) and just happened to be hers.

    Once they did that though, there is no way they could afford to have those drugs tested. It would have blown them away. They had to burn them as soon as they could: as long as they existed there was always a threat that the truth would come out.

    The stakes are so high - the pot of money so massive - that it is little wonder that this happened.

    Do check out Google on the search: Indonesia Corruption. A LOT of people throughout their system get wealthy through grants like that. It's not just the government, but the people themselves in the system, the police, and so on. Do the search and you will see the corruption from top to bottom.

    These are the facts: and they are ugly. Denying them simply helps to conceal the truth.

    That poor woman could have been you or I. Someone has to help her.
  19. Fuck, you guys havent heard of shappele corby???? I thought it would of been a world wide thing. She wouldn't be in jail if she offered to bribe as soon as she was caught.
  20. in the movie on hbo they say that 92% of austrailians think shes innocent. They show you the poll on the website in the movie

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