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  1. After a long discussion with a bunch of girls i know about how a nice cologne can really rake them in, I've decided that i need a scent of my own.

    to my bladies or men who know their scents, what is one you would recommend for a young guy (18) ? Nothin too musky, just something that either you like or you have had success with!

    thanks and discuss :)
  2. Armani Aqua Di Gio, Diesel Fuel for Life, Abercrombie Fierce or CK One
  3. sheeit man sounds like you know your stuff. whats your favorite of the four?
  4. it really depends on what i am doing but i would say Aqua Di Gio or Fierce... i like them all though it's hard to pick a favorite.
  5. Just squeeze a whole bunch of sweat into a cup and then put that into a little cologne container and your good to go.

    Water it down a little bit and if you can try to get some nutsack smell in there as well...
  6. Oh for fucks sake, NO MORE AQUA DI GIO!

    Every goddamn fool wears it and smells the same.


    Find a scent unique to you. Some of the other suggestions were good, so lets expand our repertoire, ok?

    Go to the perfume counter, and ask to smell some diff men's fragrances, smell some coffee in between- this helps clear the previous scent. Find one you like, and apply to the wrists, and go about your day, smelling it throughout. Scents have different notes, so they change with your body's chemisty. If you still like it, get some samples.

    And please don't over spritz!

  7. i wear it because it smells good, and it works with my skin.

    i think if it works for him, it's a good cologne.

    he asked for 'fresh' smelling colognes... and it's a good one
  8. ok actually, i would recommend Armani Mania, it's in a grey bottle. personally i think it smells better, classier than Aqua Di Gio
  9. Stetson Black used to be my shit, I'd get compliments on smelling good all the time. A couple months ago I switched to Burberry though, that shit's awesome.
  10. Victorias secret very sexy gets me smellin right. Its one of the few colognes i can stand, and i usually wear it light. Girls dont notice it until they are nearly buried in me, then they cant figure out what smells so good and why they cant resist me
  11. issey miyake for men.
  12. I'm weird and unlike many women I like sweet-smelling colognes rather than muskier ones, and Nautica (by Nautica ;)) is amazing IMO.

  13. Chrome by Azzaro - This one girls really, really like. If I'm going out, I'm wearing this. It's hard to define this one really. A bit more citrusy than the others, but not as much as Freedom.

    Freedom by Tommy Hilfiger - Has that "Just got out of the shower" scent to it. I use this in the mornings if anything. It's nice to spritz yourself during the mid day too. Very citrusy

    Dolce & Gabana for Men by D&G - I wear this if I'm doing something active and will be around the ladies. It gives off a very sweet aroma. Kind of like really nice pipe tobacco.

    Hugo by Hugo Boss
    - I use this for late night dinners and such. It's a bit classier than the others. A bit of musk to it.

    All of these smell different on each person since they react to the oils in your skin.
  14. Skin Bracer by Mennen. About $3 a bottle at Walgreens. Slap some on after you shave, you're good to go. It compliments Speed Stick deoderant nicely :D:laughing::D
  15. +rep for that one lmao

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