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Scenting/Flavoring shake with Essential Oils!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 999, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. This is sort of a "The More You Know" thing for some people, so I thought I'd share!
    Alright, so I had about 4 grams of shake, and it was burning reeaally harshly, like shake tends to do... SO, what I did was, I put all of it in a pill bottle and dripped some Lavender oil into it, shook the bottle, made sure it was evenly distributed, and let it sort of steep/dry in the bottle. As I used a commercial essential oil, the likelihood of rot or whatever was low, and now I've used up my extra shake!

    Just a thought, what it does for me is it covers up the scent a little, transforms what would be considered shwag into something tolerable, and the smoke has a nice flowery scent to it. Kind of like incense.
    I figured you could add like, Valerian extract or catnip if you wanted.. Using catnip would deter mosquitoes, Catnip is more powerful than Deet for bugs. Maybe some spearmint extract?

    Anyway, I'm not knocking the taste or scent of some good bud, but when you're smoking shit... This is a quick fixer-upper.
  2. them ost awkward look just came across my face after/while reading this annndd....

    i really dont have anything to say.
    i mean. , am i being a dick? or is this one of the stupidest things you could do to your weed?

    i just...dont know. fuck.
  3. Meh, what else are you going to do with it, aside from vape it/cook with it? Smoking it is hardly a nice option, unless you do SOMETHING to it, or haven't been babied with vapes and quality bud. I for one, certainly cannot stand the shittyness of shit weed.
  4. There are flavor drops you could get at headshops. I don't know about just putting lavender oil or similar stuff directly on your smoking products though. If it's burning harshly it could be really dry, lots of leaves, or just cured to shit.. If it's lots of leaves, then sorry you bought bad schwag and that's all you got left over just what you gotta deal with. If it isn't cured properly then you can start it up.. If it's dry add a small sliver of orange/lemon/lime/mango/apple peel or whatever you want for like 30 minutes in an air tight container.. Should suck up a little moisture making it a smoother smoke and giving it a very small hint of whatever peel you put in. That's just my .02 though. :)

    If I knew you though and you told me you put lavender oil on your weed. I would stare at you and probably refuse to smoke your stash. I would smoke dirty dirty bobby brown though.. So think about that for a lil while..
  5. Lol, no, it's my extremely dry shake from my medical grade pot, it had been building up in my stash jar :p It's potent, but harsh. I also have recently bought someone elses shake, around 3 grams for $2... worth every penny.
    It's like what highschoolers smoke.
    And I hate citrus in my pot. I just.. Hate it. Just something about it that makes me sick-ish. And I love oranges, mangoes, etc...

    But yeah, a drop or two per gram of shake=profit, especially if you use a herb that soothes the throat, or is used to heal wounds. Lavender is great.
  6. I would just make hash out of it rather than smoking it with lavender oil.
  7. I'm on vacation, and short on supplies-- not everyone wants to go through a tek in order to make some nice smokeable pot.
    when you hydrate your pot with oranges, you're using oils from the peels...
    when you put a drop or two of an extract you know sufficient information about, you're bound to experience a very similar transformation of your pot.
  8. Just add in some stanky dank and it will make the shake stink. And old dealers trick I was shown.
  9. This. I've made some okay iso with nothing more than an ounce of gross bud, a pot, and some iso alcohol while at a remote cottage. Scraped it up with a card from my wallet. Anythings gotta be better than shitty weed flavoured with some lavender.
  10. #10 XxNitr0xX, Aug 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2012
    I must be high as fuck............Did I just read that?

    Flavor puff it, if necessary and call it a day.
  11. "I got essential oils all in my nose, and I'm feelin' alright!"

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