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Discussion in 'General' started by isis_420, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Hey there fellow smokers! Having been a long time smoker (13 yrs) and having grown up with a pothead Dad (Happy Day, Dad!!), I've had my share of unwanted guests at the wrong time. My method of scent control is incense. I'm just curious as to what everybody else does to mask the sweet scent of a good smoke.
  2. I have found that if you remove the screen from the window and turn on a fan, the smell will be gone in minutes. I think that the screen holds in the smell.
  3. Happened to us yesterday...Shit it seems to always happen!! Sometimes, I don't answer the door!! (I get paranoid a lot when I smoke anyway) I burn a lot of candles, which I think helps. Another thing I use is some apple scented room spray and Febreeze.
  4. I put two incentse on one end of my basement and turn and fan on out the window on the other. All smoke is gone and the incenste leaves a smell on its way out. I hope that make since, since im high!
  5. Cover the room with febreeze (that shit is god) then put on some cologne.

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