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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. well here's the pics i promised from boarding on yesterday......Peace out........Sid
  2. pic 1

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  3. danm... that places look coo as hell... i be right there enjoying the view with a blunt.......latezz..
  4. pic 2

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  5. white a peacefull

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  6. Looks great Sidius.....where is that exactly?
  7. and another...eery looking, close to where they filmed parts of the new harry potter mivie, the prisoner of azkhaban.......

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  8. it's Scotland, on the way to a place called Fort William..........Peace out....Sid
  9. and another......

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  10. lol, a bit different to the 105 degs we are getting at the moment,:D
  11. my bay sunset skyline :) thats atalntic city on the left..its bout 30 here now..lil windy..wouldnt have known it from indoors with that warm warm sun beaming all round!

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  12. I have 0 scenery here. I hate the suburbs.
  13. Beautiful pics, guys! Thanks for sharing Sid! You too, Sensi! :D
  14. those r awesome. i live in the suburbs too ..but hey beavercleaver ville can be nice too on a sunny summer morning. ..who im a kidding i envy u
  15. moogle im getting 404s! eck!
  16. wow sid, chilingly beautiful.......
    sensi, just beautiful....
    moggle i got that 404 also

  17. I wish I had a better res on my digi! its really is poor :/ I wanna be able to focus in tighter on the casinos and over the bay..theres really good pics that im missin. anyway, Ill get some next weekend. I Miss 5 sunsets everyweek! what is THAT about?!?!
  18. forgot one.....a pub thats approx 500 years old, looks it's weird inside, all dead animals on the walls, it's a hotel too, and you can still stay in is indeed haunted, by a 9 year old girl, who doesn't like company......the floor inside is the original flagstones, and all the barmen wear kilts, and the chicks a tartan skirt........serve a good pint though.........Peace out.........Sid

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  19. that is one cool place!!! i love all those old castles. one of these days i plan on going to scotland. i'd like to check out all the haunted castles. well which is probly all of em lol.

    very nice pics guys! luv em;)

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