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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by roach, May 8, 2002.

  1. a package comes in your mail box.

    it is addressed to you.

    return address is Nederland.

    it is an envelope.

    it has been sliced open on one end ,

    the slice in the envelope has also been taped shut.

    the envelope is empty.

    What would you deduce from this scenario ?
  2. YOur weed has been takin from you by the DEA..or feds


    thats what I could think..Hey roach..reply to my pm when you can..thanks man


    and sorry about your "shipment"
  3. i agree: someone sent you something "naughty" like seeds or weed & the feds stole it from ya.
    if you know who the package came from, i'd contact them immediately to make sure they're OK?
    and lay low.
    hope you figure out your mystery! sounds creepy to me :eek:
  4. Story is ,not feds. Feds would contact you with a letter stating contriband being sent to your address was seized.(or something similar for small quantities)Larger quantities........cover your ass.:eek:

    Contact says : Postal workers/customs in the US are 'nipping' anything "tasty looking" coming in from Amsterdam ,Holland ,Netherlands and pocketing it.:(

    I would take that as a word to the wise .

    Solution : Make it not come from any of those places/make it look not so tasty. ;)

    Will let you know ,if it developes into a screenplay or some other melodramatic type thing.
  5. Yep, you're only foolin yourself if you think ALL government workers are drugfree citizens.

    I imagine Walt the postman knows you are'nt gonna come down bitching about your weed getting lifted.
  6. Roach...sounds like what happened to me. Sucks don't it? Around 9/11 I was expecting 2 packages, never got either. I figure they went down with the poor people who died, or got stopped in customs?


  7. I agree mail person looks awfully happy and serene lately

  8. I really think now is not the time to try and ship weed to anyone anywhere. Just me...

  9. Second "deflowered":( package today............thats 1/2 oz. of JackHerer and 1/2 oz of WhiteWidow..........all I got is this old oz. of brick. At least the Mexicans don't have customs problems. :) NAFTA

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