SCENARIO. [Choose one or do both by default!]

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  1. Okay, I have asked many people this question (and many more questions similar in nature). I consider myself to possess some sort of finesse for scenario questions.

    Would you rather...

    1. ) LICK whipped cream off of "Uncle Phil" of the Fresh Prince (you have to follow the path I marked out in red ink with your tongue).



    2. ) You have sleep paralysis and are complete awake & can feel, but cannot move. John Goodman slips beneath your covers and proceeds to give you a hand job (or the later for women) for 5 minutes while his boner is poking into your back.


    - You cannot choose death! You have to do one or the other, and if you decline you are forced to do both by default.
    - You cannot alter these scenarios in any way. They are what they are and that's all they will ever be.

    Who do you choose?
  2. 1st one, 2nd one would probably scar me for life
  3. OH god lol. I would be gagging on Uncle Phil's nipples so hard. I think it depends how hairy his chest is.

    On the other hand, 300 sec of John Goodman rubbing my junk? I might even climax.

    I vote hand job.
  4. 1st one the others just fucking weird.
  5. Goddamn this the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

    If I finish before the five minutes is it over? Or does he keep smashin' away?
    I think I'll go Uncle Phil
  6. John goodman. The first one is just nasty.
  7. Disturbingly Awesome thread.
    & I'd have to go with uncle phil. Lmao ugh
  8. I'll take the handy, only because I can use this meme


    hahah what a fucked up thread
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    I'd go for the second one and then afterwards I'd get so horrendously drunk that I'd remember that day as the day I picked up a girl from a bar and she looked like John Goodman and I got a handjob from her and then she left.

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