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Scary, weird kind of experiance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. awhile back I was at my friends house, I got high as usual, wasnt something very uncommon for me, i smoke about once a week, but am usually high all that day. So this one day I was at my friends house, and I had smoked about 20 mins before, needless to say I was pritty freakin high. So my friend just starts doin some crazy shit, n I start cracking up, n then all the sudden I get dizzy, and just kind of every time I move my eyes the scene sort of shifts really quickly, like your in a laggy computer game or something, and I was like whoa what the fuck, so I laid down, and I was still dizzy, and my heart started pumping quick as fck, and it felt like jolts went through my body, and each time a jolt happned my heart would beat faster I was like oh my god, I need to go home, I need to sleep, I need to get the fck out of here, and my heart was seriously racing.
    So I chilled there longer, with my head literaly under my friends bed, just trying to get out of existance and fall asleep or something, but I couldnt. So I'd still been feeling like this for awhile, didnt say anything to my m8 besides I really need to get home, cause I didn't want him to call the hospital or somthin cause that'd get way out of hand, cause if he felt my heart he would have been like holy fck dude. So I went home, and I went straight to sleep, basicly passed right out. The next morning I was fine.
    So a few days later I got high again, thinkin it was just somthin that had happned. I was fine untill I began to think about what happned the night before, and my heart started pumping and it started all over again, I went for a walk outside and everything was just shifting and spinning every time I turned my eyes. It was different weed, so I doubt it was laced both times, that cant be it. So I slept n got over it again. It happned to me a few more times, but only very breifly when I thought about what had happned, it started to do it, then I started to come back to normal high state.
    It hasnt happned to me since, enless I start to think about it and it'll pass quickly, but I think its a psychological thing because It only happens when I think about it, but I dont understand how it happned in the first place if it was all in my head. Not to mention my heart was racing like a freakin maniac.
    I dunno if this has happned to any of you before, but what was it? any of you have any idea? It hasnt happned for a month or 2, so I wont quit smoking, though the idea crossed my mind it just wouldnt work out since all my friends smoke almost constantly, and i'd never leave them. So quitting isnt really an option, and everything appears to be fine now, but wow, it was one damn scary freaky experiance.
    Congrats if you've read all of this, hehe. And I hope somethin like this never happens to any of meh fellow stoners, but if it has, please tell me what teh fck it was.
  2. that happens to me too sometimes, but i like it!
  3. Wow, i've never had that happen

    One time this kid in town, like 15, smoked out and got real stoned for the first time, and he felt his heart speed up and got all scared, and he grabbed the phone, dialed 911, said "i'm having a heart attack" and hung up, a mnute later he realied he was just stoned and all mellowed out and forgot he called 911, so him and his friend were sitting there when the cops and EMT came bustin in and they got busted.

    Sometimes when i get really stoned i feel like i'm underwater, at eye level, i feel like a frog looking out of a ponf with just eyes above water, simetimes if i go walking around or biking i'll feel like i'm ridingor walking through a jungle or some kind of wilderness but really i'll just be walking over to the laundry or the pizza place.
  4. HAHAHAHAHA TooSicks...that kid should get the Stoner Darwin Award!

  5. nah, it wasnt really a dizzy kind of good high, it was a oh holy fkin god everything is disintigrating around me my heart is about to explode kind of high :/

  6. Yeah, although i almost won the award myself the first time i got stoned. I was at a friend's and did a big bong hit and got caked. a while later and still way stoned i drove 1 mile down the street to the stoer for munchies. I looked im my mirror and saw headlights and red and blue flashing lights. Fuck!!! I pull over and the lights pull over behind me. While pulling over i chewed up and ate a whole can of altoids and was sitting there trying not to look stoned. about 5 mmnutes passed and i realize the cop never came up to my window so i get out of the car to se what was going on. When i stepped out and looked brhind me i saw the cop stnading there writing a ticket to the guy behind me who got busted, and wasn't after me. I asked the cop if i can go and he's like "yeah, i didn't pull you over" so i hopped in the ride and got out quick.
  7. lol, Weed+paranoia+cops=evil

  8. LMAO!!!!!!! That is fucking hilarious...sounds like a clip from Cheech and Chong or Half Baked.
  9. haha!!!

    After that i went to the supermarket and it was bright as hell, i wandered around in total amazement all blazed looking at all the food on the shelves, all the people working there were laughing at me n shit but i didn't care. I found what i was looking for, Twinkies! That was the biggest wall of twinkies i ever seen, i got me 2 boxes and a 2 foot sandwich from the deli, a 2 liter of dr pepper and drove out into the desert and kicked back under the stars curing the munchies.
  10. Oh god, I've had that bad trip kind of experience before, you feel like you're going to have a heart attack, you just have to keep reminding yourself that it's normal and you aren't going to die.

    The worse experience I've had on weed was when I was smoking out in my bathroom, and the air that was coming from under the door (because of the ventilation system in my bathroom) was brushing against my leg, and suddenly I started getting these weird chills all over my upper body(not the good ones, the ones that hurt). However much I tried I couldn't make these horrible chills go away, I would try to feel warm and would feel nothing but chills down my spine, I thought I was going to die or faint. In the end I figured out the chills were coming from the feeling on my legs, and shut the switch for the fan off, it went right away.
  11. Sounds like a good 'ol panic attack. If it happens again whenever you think about it I'd say there's a good 90% chance that's what happened. If it happens again just remind yourself that weed can't kill you, the more you worry about it the more your heart will start to beat and that's not good. You can work yourself up really quickly just worrying about crap when you're stoned. I used to have similar problems and it would happen the most when I'd smoke while really tired. I'd get all paranoid and start paying attention to my heart and my breathing rate, I'd worry that I wasn't taking in enough oxygen or some dumb crap and start breathing faster, then my heart would beat faster because of it and make it worse, almost hyperventilated a couple times, heh. In any case it's almost completely psycological.
  12. yup. i have to agree with KraziHare... sounds like you just had a panic attack. that would explain why every time you think about it it happens again.

    i don't know why it happened the first time though... sometimes shit just happens. if it becomes a problem try taking st. john's wort to mellow you out a bit.
  13. makes sense

    thx to yas
  14. weed speeds up your heart rate and gives you paranoia is happens to me all the time
  15. Just try not to worry. That's the best advice. If you just try and enjoy doing what you enjoy doing all will be well. Also I notice sometimes when i don't get a drink after ripping a bong or something I get very uncomfortable and its harder to breath. Just get some water and you feel much better and you don't worry about anything.
  16. damn dude, if that happened to me when i was stoned i would of flipped out and thought i was gonna die or something!!! i would of been even more paranoid then i was if that happened to me !!!!! damn that would of been scary, i would i freak out really bad!!!!
  17. i get that fast heart beating thing alot but i find if i start to listen to some music it calms me down. one time i was with my mate and his girlfriend at his house getting stoned, and his house is like a fucking Sauna,i felt as though i weighed 500lbs, i was compleatly fuck outta my face and was laying on his sofa on my back with my hands on my chest and i felt as though my hands were falling through my body and i was hanging from the ceiling by my the hairs on my chin!. i decided to go home, but when i stood up i couldn't move i had to realy think hard how to walk, it is as tho i just forgot how to walk, his house is about 200 metres away from mine and i must have took me about half an hour to get home. all these people where looking at me but i couldn't give a shit i just wanted to get home before it got dark.

    also a while ago another of my friends had some bud which was laced with special k, we were sitting watch tv just, laughing our asses of, i went to get some munchies and drinks and when i came back he was stairing at my wall, told me that a brick fell outta my wall and he could see 2 mice having a sword fight woth kniting needles, i was like what the fuck and burst out laughing as the wall was the same as before no holes in it or anything, and he was propper freeking out.
  18. i've had one experience like that, and it definately is not a good feeling. i was smoking on my way to a friends house and the weed was so potent that as soon as i pulled up i began to feel dizzy and messed up. i felt kinda sick to my stomach every time i opened my eyes for a long period of time just because of the dizzyness. each time this would happen, my heart would start racing because i had never felt this way before. i just had to close my eyes, remind myself that i would only feel like this for a short time, and relax.

    i think really good weed can disorient you like this if you smoke a lot in a short period of time and arent expecting effects like this.
  19. holy shit guys, i had such a panic attack last night. I was over at my girls house...her parents were outta town..hehe. Well anyways i get really stoned, and things start getting heated up, when all the sudden theres this loud knocking on the door. I suddenly begin freaking out about it thinking we were busted....well anyways we watch out the window to see who it was and we both have no idea, but he was leaving none the less. About that time my fuckin contact falls out so i run to the bathroom and try to put it back in. The problem was that i turned on the light and the stranger noticed it and came back to the this time i feel so damn stupid, plus im freaking out. Well anyways i end up hiding butt-naked in the shower for about 10 min. And by the time this event is over i would need a whole bottle of viagra to continue the job.
  20. My mate Jamie had the same problem but he couldn't stop it from happening everytime he got cained... so he stopped getting cained. shame. he really got the best outta every weed we got... hightened visual & audio, altered & augmented philosophical perspective... etc.... the works...

    at least he enjoyed the best of it while he still smoked.

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