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  1. What if in 500 or so years, people consider 9/11 as the start of the "age of terrorism"? When terrorism will be huge and they will remember the days before 9/11 as the "golden age of humanity" or something.
  2. I guess that all depends on how we handle the radical muslims in this current day and age, huh?
  3. Well one thing's for sure is humanity is getting worse not better....
  4. idk man, idk.. define worse?

  5. I'd rather not. I'm not really in the mood for the inevitable debate me defining worse would cause. But I'll just go ahead and skip defining worse and say why we're getting worse. Imo it's because of the collapse of the nuclear family.
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  7. Bin Laden was just a part of Al-Qaeda which is just a part of the Islamic terrorist effort which is just a part of the Islamist movement, so the announcement of his death today by the U.S. government makes little operational difference. The war on terror has not fundamentally changed, much less been won. Lets support the Anti Terrorism join us :
    Post anything you want about the USA's Number 1 enemy! :wave:
  8. I think when we dropped 2 fatty bombs on civilians in japan, we invented the modern age of terrorism, i dont give a fuck what we americans classify as terrorism, we are still the worst terrorists to grace this god damn planet. Hitler excluded, he was the master of all terror.

    But really, what, we lose 2 buildings and now we have some "war on terror" bullshit.... we evaporated a good % of 2 huge cities in Japan.... why do we pretend we are such good little boys and girls lol.

    We have been in the age of terrorism for a LONG time..... We terrorized the Native Americans right out of their own fucking land...... in the name of the same country we were at war with not so long afterwards to claim our "freedom" from them... after taking away the freedom of those who were already here lol

    in 500 years, this will be looked at as the time people were too fucking stupid to even see what was going on, aka, the dark ages v 2.0
  9. I'm not worried about it. As far as I'm concerned, a lot of it is just fear mongering. Just look at the past... The US is built on fear. Fear terrorism, fear the swine flu, fear AIDS, fear communism, fear gangs, fear guns, etc. If fear can be instilled in the people, they'll listen to anyone that says they can remedy the situation... Even if they can't.
  10. Terrorism, aids, gangs, guns. Arent those legit fears though? :confused:
  11. They're blown far out of proportion. I don't constantly look over my shoulder checking for someone pointing a gun at me. I don't worry about contracting AIDS. And frankly, I'm not worried about blowing up from a terrorist attack. Statistically speaking, it COULD happen to me. But they get people so worked up about things that likely WON'T happen to them.
  12. I highly highly doubt it. Nothing has changed at all. There was terrorism before 9/11 and there will be more in the future. All wars are technically terrorism.

    It's just a word.
  13. Terrorism has been around since before the United States existed.

  14. yup, we just refined it and made it into an art.
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    And renamed it.

    For whatever cause we are using terrorism against, we just put "the war on" in front of it

  16. Lol, the war on wars is coming next man
  17. you have scary thoughts, that means your scared, you are terrorized. dont let the enemy intimidate you.

  18. hitler wasnt scared and that motha fucka has some SERIOUSLY scary thoughts, theory debunked
  19. wow i had this exact same thought today.

    just like people look back like "ohh man the 70s were groovy" people will say "oh man things got fucked up after that 9/11 shit".
  20. But I always thought Hitler was scared of the 'Judeo-Communist' threat, as were a good portion of the rest of Germany, that's primarilly why he got into politcs and power...

    Either that, or I'm just stupid :confused:

    On topic, fear keeps people in check, it gives governments the power to do what the hell they like, look at the US homeland security acts and whatnot.

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