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Scary Movies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by anothr, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. One of the most enjoyable effects of pot, for me anyways, is how it can enhance any entertainment experience...theres just nothing better than firein' up the bubbler n wachin a movie with the homies. :D Now personally im a big fan of the spooky shit, i loved event horizon, loved the ring (although alotta ppl i know hated it), loved session 9, and i was wondering who else hear digs freaky movies n what all your favorets are....
  2. wow woody you came out of the grorw forums for once awesome

    now back to the question see i dont think like fantasy films are that scary cause i know there a figment of some lonely mans imagination such as mine

    Chainsaw masacure (sp?) scary
  3. The fly was pretty scary well actually it wasnt really scary it was just bizarre...
  4. Event Horizen was a Bad Ass movie wasent too scary but im Positive if i watched it while stoned *wich i havent* it would be scary as fuck.

    Great movie to watch while stoned

    Final Destination 2
    that movie is so bad ass the begining is the best i mean damn... i first saw it stoned and boy i jumped so many times... great movie...
    TheRing was fair it had its moments.
  5. the best horror movie when you high as to be alien,it made me jump and it sent shivers down my spine it was freaking awesome when i was stoned
  6. great topic, im going to have to go with the halloween movies, jason, excorsist sp, jesus goes to hell (oops i mean jason) and any poltergiest type movies
  7. DAWN OF THE DEAD!!!! my personal favorite. The Ring was cool too . although this may not qualify as horror i really enjoyed the cube while stoned, it was more sci fi but scared the fuck outta me , the idea scared me, and being stoned didnt help
  8. When it comes to Horror films, you can't beat the Evil Dead series. Bruce Campbell is the lord of all horror actors.
  9. Meh, evil dead would be more of a comedy than a horror movie in my opinion. Now dont get me wrong i love em, but its hard for me to see anything that campy as horror.
  10. its not horror...its "horror" (evil dead movies)

    a move thats good to watch while your really fucked up (cuz its really fucked up) is Memento!...not a horror movie...but great to watch while stoned! HOLY SHIT!...just do it...oh and another one is...ynnn...lost my train of thought...ok...that alien move that guy talked about...alien...fuckin scary shit when yoru hgigh(if your first time seeing...that too (sovber or not)) i dont mean aliens, alien 3 or alien 4(whatever it was) alien...the first...scary shit! GO SEE MEMENTO! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    office space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!
  11. most scary movies aren't scary at all to me. which sucks cause i would love to genuinely be scared or creeped out by a movie. event horizon was ok. final destination 2 sucked bad, it wasn't scary, it was like one long faces of death with a tiny bit of story. movies where like.. it's quiet, then REEEEE a sharp piercing noise and a little fast movement is supposed to be scary.. it just isn't. makes me wish i were a kid or something cause i remember i used to love getting scared when it was possible.
    but honestly i can't think of any movies that could creep me out. if anyone has any suggestions of something genuinely great, let's hear em..

  12. my bf and a friend refuse to even look at the case for 'Jacob's Ladder'. when they were 16 -17 they were on a couple hits and watched it. messed with their heads i guess - that and 'jade'. same night.
  13. Poultergeist 3
    Mirror Mirror
    Wes Craven's New Nightmare
    Final Destination 2 rocked by the way

    but the #1 best movie to watch stoned would have to be

    *does corney drum roll like someone before, LOL*

    TERROR TOONS!!!!!!!! it will change your life! if anyone's seen it... you know what i mean. eat a couple hits and watch it, but NEVER under ANY circumstance do what i did and eat 10 before watching it in some strange house i've never been in before... messed me up for a while.
  14. Actually, come to think of it, the best horror film ever is 'The Wolfman'. I didn't think of it before because it's not in the least bit scary, but the atmosphere is simply amazing. I've lost count of how many times I've gotten high and watched that film (Got it on DVD, out of print now as far as I know).

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