Scary Movie 4 Lmao!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. HA! omg, this movie is howls, me and my buddy went all baked and shit, watched it, laughed our asses off, then we were walkin home and the Beer store was open, so we stopped in and got 2 40's of Molson Canadian, and chugged it in like 10 mins then walked home, when we got back to my place i called my next door neighbour to see if she wanted to go chill at the local park and get bombed haha, so she comes to the park with us and DAMN! i had some fun, she didnt even drink, just toked some bowls haha..

    Anyone else seen the Scary Movie?
  2. i waws goin to tonight man but then fuckin my friend was like nah man i feel like shit dog im throwin up no one else wanted to see it and im not goin to the movies alon haha !
  3. i saw it at 4:20:smoking: i dont know bout ya, but to me it was a good film,lol
  4. my viola teacher is in the movie soundtrack. she is also doing halo 3 right now too
  5. i heard its only pg13 and sucks?
  6. God are you kidding? i couldnt stand that movie if i hadnt spent 10$ on the ticket i woulda walked out of that shit, the scary movies just got worse with every sequel imo.
  7. Scary movie 3 was the shit
  8. I've never seen it but deff plan to. I've always enjoyed 1-3.
  9. I'm going to see it soon. I dunno if it will be good.
  10. no.. but shit mane Molson Canadian pwns--

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