Scary Moments in your Life

Discussion in 'General' started by WeedCrawler, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Ever had those moments when you knew you were in danger but weren't in deep enough to get caught in the middle of it....?

    I was 16 and home from school alone, waiting on mom n dad to get home from work. I had my dog Zack to keep me company.

    It's important that you know Zack was an english sheep dog/husky mix..and LARGE.

    I was watching tv in the livingroom when my dog zack trotted to the front window, nosed the curtains aside and started barking. He did this all the i didn't think much of it.

    But then he started going crazy nuts about it. That only happens when someone is coming to the door. So i glanced around his head..and saw a man walking up our driveway. He carried nothing with him except a few books. I didn't see a car or truck or anything on him that would indicate who he could be.

    I quickly tured off the tv and sat there while he knocked. Zack was out of his mind. Finally, the guy went away, or at least i thought he did. I watched him go off the porch and head to the driveway.

    I went to the kitchen to make myself a sandwhich when i heard him pounding on the side door not 20 feet from me.
    I almost jumped outta my skin. I had left the main door open but had LOCKED the glass slatted screen door. Zach was there in a flash, growling, barking, snarling...i had never seen him so upset.

    The man was young..and he said*because he still couldn't see me, only the dog*

    "I know someone is in there!"

    I got pissed off at that and went to stand at the door.

    He said,"Hi, my name is bob and i'm selling text books. Are your parents home?"

    This isntantly reminded me of some cheesy childrens after school special on TV...about the dangers of letting the guy in when no one but me was home. I got this chill running up my back as my dog barked and barked.

    Now, i don't know if you guys do this, but I ALWAYS listen to my pets. They know when something isn't right. That was the other thing that i cued on.

    I didn't answer his question..but i did say "My dad teaches at the college, if i need text books i can get them from him..but thanks anyways." I started to shut the door.

    This is when the guy actually tried to open the screen door as he said..."I just want to speak with him for a moment or two...can you let me in so we can talk?"

    As soon as the guys hand touched the latch on the dog lunged at the screen. The guy yelped and took two or three steps back. He approached again and kept looking between me and the dog...several times...wanting me to settle him down. I didn't of course.

    "Look, Bob, If you would like to talk to my parents about text books you can call them on the phone...Where is your vehicle?"

    This took him by suprise and he stammered a bit not knowing what to say. "I had to park it down the street, and i walked." He backed way off seeing that my dog wasn't going to be held if he wanted to come through that door.

    So i added,
    "So you carried all those books door to door? Look bob, i don't trust you and there is no way in hell i'm letting you through this door. Frankly, I'm suprised you would even try to force your way in when you know you are not welcome."

    This must have pissed him off to the point of forgetting my dog was about to crash through the door to kill him because he tried to get in again.

    I had a telephone in my hand the whole time and i simply dialed 911 in front of him.

    "I'm calling the cops bob...if you don't want to get caught, you might want to consider moving along." He RAN down the driveway and the street. I reported it anyway and a cop came to my house to question me. I told them what happend and was praised for not opening the door and letting him in.

    I told my parents about this when they got home from work..and they cried...both of them.

    I never knew what happened to that guy, but he never bothered me again..*knock on wood*

    I fed my dog steak that night.
  2. crazy story man?? what a creepo... that is why dogs are an ASSET and necessity to any house hold. i could never live a day without a dog.

    scary moments... scary moments, lets think??

    only thing that comes to mind was more funny than scary.

    it was 10th grade, my birthday, a party got broken up at my house so we all went to the park. we were on a big grass hill, with cops talking to some buddies at the top. we were about 30 feet away, smoking doobs on the grass. after we are nice and drunk and baked, we decided (we = me and 3 buddies) that we should see what the cops are doing. so we start to creep up the hill, to find a cop comming right at us! haha, he had flashlight an all. we all turned around and started running, and somehow, all at the same time, without a spoken word, we all just DOVE!! landing belly first, we all started to roll down the hill :D hahaha. his flashlight beamed right above all of us and we safely rolled to the bottom.

    not only did we get away, but we found soem big ice blocks at the bottom and went ice blocking for the rest of the night!! (ice blocking is riding huge pieces of ice down a big grassy hill, VERY fun !!!)
  3. I definately have a story like that, but with a more serious ending.

    I too was about 16, might have been younger (15?). And I was out walking on some back roads with my cousin who had visted from fairly far away.

    This guy drive up, and rolled down his window, and asked us if we could help him with directions. I yelled back to him (he was in the middle of the road, and we were on a path next to it) "Where are you trying to go?"

    He said, "Well, come over here, I'll show you my map." My cousin started walking, and I stopped her.

    Then the guy started yelling, like he was getting mad. He said: "Get the hell over here!"

    His window was half rolled down, and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into (dumb kid), I ran up to the car as fast as I could and was gona punch the guy in the face (dumb move, I know) and he started rolling up the window so the knuckles of my hand caught the top of it as it rolled up.

    The safety glass cracked pretty heavily (not shatter, since it was safety glass) and it bent inward. I think some of it got in his eyes or something, cause he closed them, and started to drive off.

    Something was SERIOUSLY wrong as he prompty crashed into a bridge support down the road. A guy at a nearby house had seen the WHOLE thing and called the cops the second the guy stopped.

    Turns out the guy came by the area a lot, and he was an aquited child molester (he never was convicted) but he was arrested. After that i didn't knwo what happened, no one called me after I talked ot th epolice at the scene, and my parents came to pick me up.
  4. Scary story? Well several times back in HS I used to blaze with my friend in the woods of a near by elementary school. There was a large field that separated the school and the path to the woods(we were about 30 feet in from the start of the woods, at the top of a hill). We were hitting my bubbler I had just recently got, just chilling and having a good time. I look over and at the entrance of the woods(30 ft away) and there was a cop car! He had driven down a grass hill and across the field all the way over to the path! Shit, we made eye-contact and immediately started to run, never even looked back. We know those woods like the back of our bongs, so we had time to ditch shit and make our way to the side streets.

    Pretty much the exact same thing happened another time except we were closer to the school and the cop was in the parking lot at the top of the hill. Eye-contact was made and we got up and ran the fuck away without looking back.

    I've ran away from cops about 50 times, but it's been quite a while.

  5. LOL
  6. sounds like one of my mates... the little shit dosent even have to be doing anything wrong and heel fucking comando style it outa there... we were out at a partie in the stix one time and the little shit ran 32 miles back to town... he was however the only one ov us who avoided a drinking
  7. This was kinda a funny/scary moment..

    i was in 8th grade, and my friends and i were throwing snow balls at passing cars on highway 55 in NC. We hit so many cars that night, and most of the people just honked at us. I pegged this one guys truck right in the side of the door, which made a big metal *clunk* as it hit. He slammed on his breaks, almost jackknifing his hitched trailer, and stopped in the middle of the road. The doors flung open and two big guys ran out of it towards us screaming "...fuckin hit my little bastards", or something to the like. Now imagine being a tiny 8th grader with these two huge guys running you down. Yeah, kinda scary. My friends and i barreled into the woods and hid behind trees, while the two men continued seaching for us occasionally yelling obscenities at us. He was getting really close to my friend and i who were sharing a tree, so we took off running and he went right after us, we jumped off this 15 foot embankment without second thoughs, and kept running...

    this all happend in about a 5 minute span, and it was the first time i was ever scared for myself, like seriously. We all laughed about it for years to come everytime winter came by.. needless to say we stopped throwing snowballs at cars :)

  8. Wow you just reminded me of another scary situation that bears a resemblance to yours:

    Me and some friends always used to, what we called, "terrorize the neighborhood"(nothing too evil :D). So one day we were across the street from a friends house, hiding behind the bushes, with a cooler full of water balloons. The first car drives by and we launch a few balloons at them... big mistake. They SLAM on the breaks, immediately get out of the car(I think the driver stayed), and start running at us full speed. So of course we jet into this persons backyard but they were still following us so we had to blaze a trail through some woods. A minute later we end up on a street, still running with the people chasing us. I was a cig smoker back then and had crummy lungs so it was a bitch. So as we're running down the street we get out of the light/open by running through someone's property. Behind all the houses on this side of the street where a lot of woods(with lots of trees, puddles, streams, rocks, the works) that went down a huge hill and then back up. The whole time they were chasing us they were yelling "we're gonna fucking kill you!!" and "you better hope we don't catch up." So we all run down the hill in the woods, cross the stream, and then back up another hill, then we had to hop a fence(this was a serious BITCH after all that running). I can't tell you how many branches I ran into and how many times I fell down and immediately got back up and kept running(it was night so I could barely see anything at all, but I knew where I would end up if I kept going). So we hop the fence and run all the way around the school and start banging on the doors. The janitor lets us in and we told him people were chasing us for no reason. Little did we know the principal was inside the school! We had to lie to her too. She had us chill in the nurses office cause we looked like we had been through hell(blood, bruises, soaked, etc). So we were thinking we were okay, we hadn't looked back to see if the guys were following us since we hopped the fence. The guys went back to their car and drove to the school. They knocked on the door and told the principal what really happened. She called the cops. They took down all our info and gave us a talking to. Then they eventually let us go. What a fucked up night!
  9. when i was 15, me and like 4 other people snuck out at night to do a bunch of fireworks(mortars, 8 ounce rockets, etc) and we decided to do a 2-minute smoke bomb in the middle of this road. running along the side of the road theres a string of 7-foot high bushes, then some houses and fences followed by more bushes. my 4 friends stood about 20 feet away while i got in position to film (yes, i had my video camer) the car comming towards the huge plume of smoking covering the road. it was a mustang full of guys, and they abruply swerved and drove THROUGH the bushes not 6 feet from me. The way he drove through the bushes, i could have been run over. I'm looking at the screen in the camera and all of a sudden i look next to me and theres this car. i booked it with the rest of my friends towards this house, and they drove towards us. we turned and LEAPED through the bottom of the bushes quick as fucking shit, and ran away towards some more bushes and houses. it was me and my friend side by side, and we go on the side of this house and realize that 3 of our friends are missing. we were so fucking scared, we thought they had gotten jumped.(all of this is on film) 1 friend came running towards us at that point, but didnt know what happened. long story short, one of my friends found a metal pipe and was ready to go commando style, and we agreed to meet him at the house we were all staying at. 20 minutes later everyone was accounted for, and it turned out this stupid kid lost his shoe as he was leaping through the bush and stayed back with one of my friends, crouching in the dark with his lighter, trying to find his shoe while the guys i the mustang looked for him. it was so scary at the time, but its one of those things i will look back on and laugh, and always remember.
  10. Another scary moment in my life was when i was much older.
    I was about 20/21 and riding in the car with my bf on a sunny summer day. We were headed home and i saw this kid, who had just gotten off the bus walking up to a stray dog.

    I don't know what made me think the dog was stray, i had never seen it before..but it sure looked ragged. Just as we drove past...i swivled my head around and caught sight of this dog first raising it's hackles then latching onto this kids hand.

    I screamed for my bf to stop and he screached to a hault..i vaulted out of the car and ran toward the scene.

    The dog was startled by me and let go of the kid ...then ran off. I picked the boy up and tried to calm him down as best i could..then had him hold his hand up in the restrict blood flow. This is when a woman came flying out of the house, and across the street to where i and apperantly her son was. I put the boy down so he could run to mom, and the FIRST thing out of that womans mouth was...
    "What did i TELL you about going up to stray animals!!!" Then she swatted the kids butt.

    I was so pissed off at her. AT Least see how badly the poor kid is hurt first. So i told her that.

    "Lady, your son just got mangled by a dog...and you are MORE worried that he didn't listen to you when you told him not to go up to stange animals?" She must have not heard herself or was too out of her head with fear because she imediately became contrite and started cooing over her son.
    In the meantime..the poor kid is bleeding like a stuck pig all over the sidewalk. His hand had some deep puncture wounds in it.
    SO i waited for a few more seconds..and when mom didn't make a move to go to the hospital...i said...
    "Um...i didn't see tags or a collar on that dog." I expected her to get it at that point..but no. So then i said.
    "He's probly going to need to get to the hospital and get that looked at....and if the dog can't be found and may want to look into rabies shots." *i had spelled the word rabies..cuz i didn't want to scare the kid anymore than he was.
    All this lady could do was take her boy inside.

    I didn't even get a thanks.
    I don't even know if she ever took the kid to the hospital.
    Maybe she knew the dog..but i sure would have made extra sure my kid would have been okay first.
  11. ^^some parents
  12. haha...... good shot with the checking back tho i woulda just thought hey its a kid and a dog and left it at that
  13. HIGH All, mmmmm scariest moment in my life? It was a few years it is...this day I will never forget...just reread it again and no shit tears were welling up in the eyes.

  14. Yeah, normally a scene like that wouldn't have intrested me much either..but there was just something about it that made me look back. Glad i did.
  15. There's an abandoned trainyard right by my old house. Its right on a back road i take to my friend's house. Well at night its more like a graveyard. Driving thru there stoned at 2 in the morning isn't fun. Its not exactly scary but sure is CREEPY.
    All the delapidated buildings and train cars scattered about the rusty tracks. I guess thats to be expected when you place a suburb next to a slum like Lansing. The situation isn't very frightening but the image sure is. Also there could be po-po's back there but i never see em, thankfully.

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