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  1. alright, so saturday night....time to get messed up with friends, right? So i decided tonight i was going to give salvia another go (i was more ready for it than my first time). So i call my bud and pick him up and we're off to our smoking spot. Anyways, i pack a bowl of salvia and my bud was gonna supervise me this time so i didn't freak out, like last time. So the bowl is packed hella big and i start hittin' it. I went through two hits and started feeling that heavy, wobbly feeling (like one of those things you punch and they always come back up). After i was feeling happy/high i took a break for a couple minutes to enjoy it. i wasn't tripping yet. So i go ahead to take another hit or two to get me over the edge and start trippin'. So, right after i begin getting my crazy ass visuals. About thirty seconds into the visuals what happens? Two cop cars come speeding up to us, lights flashing, and all (we're in a park where we have lots of good memories :D *cough* blowjobs *cough* and it's nice and serene/pretty isolated). At this point everything felt like it was changing from 2d to 3d, and the change was coming at me like a wave, so i begin getting kinda creeped out. Anyways, i see the cops coming and that doesn't help b/c i'm not thinking straight AT ALL. So, my friend's telling me everything's ok (we're ignoring the cops approaching us at this point) and then there's a tapping on the window. I thought the car was trying to tell me something in morse or something and it just blows my mind. My friend tells me to just be calm and let him do the talking. So, he rolls the window down and the cops said they got a call that there were some kids smoking something outta a pipe there and they were called in to check it out. So my friend tells them "yes, there is a pipe, but all that's being smoked is salvia, but i'm sober and it's totally legal." So they say "we'd like to see the pipe." So my buddy pulls the pipe away from me and at this point i'm fucking scared because the wave's coming at me still, and it's getting closer. So, i keep telling my friend we gotta move, but he keeps telling me to stay chill. So he gives the cop the pipe and he looks it over. My bud says there's no pot resin or anything and he'd like it back after they're done looking. So they're looking it over and smelling it (and salvia definitely is a COMPLETELY different smell than pot) and they give it back after a minute or two of close inspection. Then they ask "what's this kid's deal?" (meaning me). My buddy tells them that i was the one smoking the salvia and now they start being dicks. So they started questioning my bud bout what i smoked, where i got it, what it was called, etc...then they call the station to ask about what salvia is and shit. meanwhile, i'm practically pissing my fucking pants because so much shit's going on. It felt like i was in the matrix and the cops were like the agents coming to get me and my bud. And at this point the shit around me was starting to begin popping up 3d. I was scared shitless but my buddy was able to get them to leave by the time i started coming down. Needless to say it took a while to calm me down. It would've been a god trip if not for the cops. Anyways, i did get to keep my pipe and everything, but it turned out to be a complete waste of one good trip, and with how much salvia is, a complete waste of money. I'm kind of pissed now. I wish i knew what asshole called it in....thank god i didn't have pot on me, either. They had no real reason to search though after they saw the pipe had no pot in, that shit sucked. Be careful bout your smoking spots/tripping spots people!! I thought my place was pretty chill and isolated, but i guess i was wrong. First time anyone's ever given us problems
  2. That's why you dont smoke out of pipes in cars... Where were you, the Walmart parking lot?...
  3. No. I was at a park....a pretty isolated park at that...there's a fucking soccer field between the park and the nearest houses. I don't know how someone saw that. Fucking suburbs...the plan was to smoke in the car and go play on the park right when i started tripping
  4. Yah, if i was going to try salvia i would pick a place where there is a really low chance of that happening. A park is some place you could get caught easily because cops are super gay about recreational shit like parks. But luckily you got your shit back.
  5. I tried reading this and I thought to myself "I wish something was developed to make this easier to read"....and then I was like "o yea Paragraphs"
  6. Ugh.
    Yea, I don't know what could of been said to the cops. But telling these pigs that you were smoking salvia, (and I hope you didn't tell them where you got it), and having them see you trip balls like that; it's gonna get salvia's ass on the illegal side of things. I mean...they're cops!
    I know your friend couldn't of said anything different, I mean; saying it was salvia, legal, sure saved your asses...but I just hate having cops know (although I know they're not stupid) the shit salvia does to someone. That's like walking up to the Bushmeister and saying "Hey try this shit. It gets you soooooooo fucked up. Make you see shit, bla bla bla"
    I mean...Salvia's fucking legal. Legal to buy, legal to smoke in the streets if we want; but if more and more gov't officials see the shit it does, then it's likely that it being illegal might start to be considered.

    But anyways, glad you guys got off the hook. Just next time, smoke salvia inside where you can't either get caught or more importantly get hurt or something. :confused_2:

    EDIT: I know these are just 2 cops in some random city of the states, but I just think people need to start keeping salvia-smoking hush hush so that we can have it legal.
  7. Nice story. I still have yet to try salvia. I was at my local headshop the other day, but I didn't have enough to get a bowl and salvia. Next time, salvia will definitely be on the to-buy-list though.
  8. Damn that sucks that the cops shit all over your good time i hate it when they do that.
  9. well, looking back on it, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. You have to keep in mind this WAS my normal smoking spot and i'd never before encountered any trouble there.

    Anyways, learn from my mistake everyone. And apologies for the long paragraph. When you just start writing...ya know?

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